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POBEDA gallery presents photography work by talent group of internationally artists and first one-man-show of young emerging artists. POBEDA presents eastablished contemporary figures and Russian photography scene starting from 60-70s. Gallery was opened in 2007 and is located in Moscow, Russia at the Red October Chocolate factory, one of the most important cultural venues. POBEDA participated in Paris Photo 2009, Art Moscow 2008 and 2010, 3rd Moscow international biennale of contemporary art 2009, Moscow photographic biennale 2008 and 2010, Moscow International Biennale for Young Art 2010 "Que Vive!". In 2009 Pobeda gallery organized Mikhail Baryshnikov Merce My Way exhibition at The State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. Gallery young artists got in a short list of the most important art award in Russia Kandinsky Prize and were chosen for Pla(T)forma 2010 at Fotomuseum Winterthur. Pobeda gallery is producing the catalogue to each exhibition and organizing photography lectures for each exhibition. Pobeda gallery Art Fairs/Biennales/Museum exhibitions Calendar: 2007 Moscow international photography festival "Fashion and Style in Photography" (Ellen von Unwerth) 2008 Moscow International Photographic Biennale (Rankin) | Art Moscow Fine Art Fair 2009 Moscow international photography festival "Fashion and Style in Photography" (Bart Dorsa) | Mikhail Baryshnikov photographic exhibition at Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg | 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary art (Angelika Sher) | Paris Photo 2010 Moscow International Photographic Biennale (Alexey Titarenko, Julia Kissina) | Pla(T)forma 2010, Fotomuseum Winterthur (Anja Titova) | VOLTA6 | Moscow International Biennale for Young Art "Que Vive!" | Art Moscow 2011 Volta NY art fair (THE CROWN - a new project by the Fourth Height art group)