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Exhibitions at Galerie 94

Galerie 94CH

Galerie 94
Bruggerstr. 37
5400 Baden

+41-79 416 92 43


Wed-Fri 17-19, Sat 13-17

Gotthard Schuh

The last Venice

The last Venice

L’ultima Venezia

– 4 Dec 2016

Gotthard Schuh’s Photographs (CH, 1897-1969)
In a flood of images an attentive observer is immediately aware of the movement, voices, and sounds of a pulsating world; the light in the Venetian squares and in the canal’s reflections, the alley’s shadows and those on the adjacent homes, shops, offices, workshops and guest houses. The images of the renowned Swiss photographer Gotthard Schuh have this agency, and their ability to convey the constant encounter and its appreciation… more