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Exhibitions at Cokkie Snoei

Cokkie SnoeiNL

Joris Broekhoven

A state of flux

Marie Reintjes and Joris Broekhoven
Photographs and paintings

20 Oct – 16 Nov 2019

Cokkie SnoeiNL

Bert Sissingh

Living in the Past

Bert Sissingh in collaboraton with Sjoukje Boersma

8 Jan – 5 Feb 2006

Cokkie SnoeiNL

Paul M. Smith


11 Sep – 5 Oct 2003
FREE-RANGE by British artist Paul M Smith (1969) is a photographic record of the battle between man and nature.

Photographs have replaced the traditional hunting trophy – the mounted head, tusks or pelt of the prey. They portray the ultimate attempt to conquer nature and prove the male status as the all-powerful hunter.

Images of hunting were present in the very earliest forms of art and have reappeared throughout art history. The battle of man versus beast, and its pictorial form, is the pe… more