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Exhibitions at A2Z Art Gallery


A2Z Art Gallery
24 rue de L’Echaudé
75006 Paris

+33(0)1-56 24 88 88


Tue-Sat 11-19

Luo Yang

Of every genre

Of every genre

En tout genre

4 Nov – 4 Dec 2021
In collaboration with Photo Saint Germain & Doors « Ba ling hou » (born after 80): this idiom refers to the first generation born under the one-child policy and during the reform and opening up led by Deng Xiaoping after the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). These are young people who grew up in a world which they were the center of, with Internet and social media, in a consumer society in total rupture with the preceding generations. Luo Yang belongs to this generation. Her portraits depic… more