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Exhibitions of Leandro Quintero at Podbielski Contemporary

Podbielski ContemporaryDE

Podbielski Contemporary
Koppenplatz 5
10115 Berlin

+39 (0)33 -82 38 17 20


Tue-Fri 14-19 +



Anniversary Exhibition 2011-2016

– 16 Apr 2016
In such dramatic times as those we are presently living, promoting and selling art is a gargantuan challenge. Some may say an Utopian undertaking. Yet, when Podbielski Contemporary opened in January 2011, our mission was clearly declared: "It may sound naive, but I think that for all its failings, the world of art and culture is still the only one where something like that can be done (...) The media can’t do it anymore; they’ve become a vulgar business like any other. The worl…