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Exhibitions of Dubravka Vidovic at Podbielski Contemporary

Podbielski ContemporaryIT



– 27 Mar 2019
Moving Worlds II focus is to propose a dual interpretation of spaces, geopolitical and psychological, in times of fast and challenging changes. On the other hand, these geopolitical spaces become artistic representations by means of a photographic or lens-based practice.Conceived by artists who either carry the history of these spaces or approach them while playing with the usual journalistic, photo-reporter’s gaze, the imagesseek to “move” the viewer on both a disturbingand em…

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Podbielski Contemporary
Koppenplatz 5
10115 Berlin

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Tue-Fri 14-19 +

Bye Bye Berlin!

Bye Bye Berlin!

About Moving Worlds and Moving Works

– 23 Feb 2018
"Moving Worlds", Podbielski Contemporary's opening show in Berlin in 2011, conveyed the awareness of the fast and testing changes of our times. As the gallery quotes Alfredo Jaar on the home page: "The world of culture - museums and universities - is the last place where you are still free to dream of a better world (...)." Seven years down the road, with memorable highlights and unexpected achievements, opening on average five new shows a year and having atte…