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Exhibitions of Vincent Munier at in focus Galerie

in focus GalerieDE

in focus Galerie
Hauptstr. 114
50996 Köln

+49 (0)177 -3202913


Wed-Fri 16-19, Sat 11-15 + b.a.

In the Frosty White / Im Eisigen Weiss

In the Frosty White / Im Eisigen Weiss

– 21 Mar 2018
In the most extreme conditions, and mostly completely alone, French photographer Vincent Munier travels the Arctic and Antarctic. For several hundred kilometers he wanders through the snow-swept and barren landscapes of the Arctic Circle to meet their inhabitants at close range. He has made numerous expeditions to the White Wolves, to the "Spirits of the Tundra", as the Inuit call them, which particularly captivate him. The in focus gallery now presents a spectacular select…