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Frank Ockenfels 3
Fiona Apple © Frank Ockenfels 3

Frank Ockenfels 3 »

Frank Ockenfels 3

Exhibition: – 3 Oct 2014

Fri 4 Jul 17:30 - 20:00


Lindengracht 35
1015 KB Amsterdam

+31 (0)20-8460770


Tue-Fri 13-17+

Frank Ockenfels 3
David Lynch © Frank Ockenfels 3

Kahmann Gallery is proud to present the work of the renowned photographer Frank Ockenfels 3 (US, 1960). This exhibition will be a premiere for both Ockenfels and Kahmann Gallery, as it will be the first time that his work will be exhibited in an European gallery.

Ockenfels is one of the most sought-after portrait photographers in America. His portraits of such diverse personalities as Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Kurt Cobain, David Bowie, Tom Waits and Martin Scorcese have appeared in leading magazines throughout the world.

Frank Ockenfels 3
Barack Obama © Frank Ockenfels 3

Ockenfels' ability to adapt to any situation, as well as staying away from the obvious, seem to be the qualities that set him apart from other photographers. In many ways, Ockenfels is unconventional; he thrives on pushing the boundaries between photography, painting and sculpture and so creates the most unique works of art. He is a true artist who believes that photography can still have moments of purity without being overly conceptualized or retouched.

Ockenfels’ work is seen frequently in Rolling Stone, Time, Esquire, New York Magazine and Spin. His work (including collaborations with artist Robert Longo) has appeared in galleries and museums in New York and Los Angeles. His images are also featured in many award-winning photography publications.

Frank Ockenfels 3
George Clooney © Frank Ockenfels 3
Frank Ockenfels 3
Damien Hirst © Frank Ockenfels 3