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The AIPAD Photography Show 2014
Hussein Family Portrait.
September, 2003.
© Sean Hemmerle
Courtesy Feroz Gallery, Bonn

The AIPAD Photography Show 2014

Exhibition: 10 Apr – 13 Apr 2014


New York

Galerie Julian Sander

Bonner Str. 82
50677 Köln

+49 (0)221-170 50 70


Wed-Fri 10-18, Sat 12-16 + b.a.

Please join us at the AIPAD Photography Show this week. We will be showing a selection of photographs by some of the mediums great practitioners. To give you a sample I have included a few works in this email by Sean Hemmerle, August Sander and Clark and Joan Worswick.

The upper most image is an incredible photograph taken by Sean Hemmerle in Bagdad. A photograph of a portrait of the Hussein family that was taken after Sadam Hussein had fallen from power. It shows the desire to remove him and his family from the cultural memory of the people of Iraq. An un-portrait if you will, which resonates with the desire to take control of the future and ownership of the past.

Following that are 2 portraits of Prof. Otto Dix by August Sander. Dix is one of the artists that rendered the dramic differences between the dream of war and the effects of war during and after the first World War in Germany. He was also among the artists who were deemed degenerate by the Nazi’s during the 1930’s-40s. In August Sander’s clear and humanist style these portraits show the artist with all of his intensity. A portrait of a man who is to be seen, clearly.

The last 2 pictures in this group show photographs of the Hamar people, a society who live in Ethiopia. These are among the first photographs ever taken of these people. Clark and Joan Worswick traveled to ethiopia in the late 1960’s where they were to be the first photographers to witness and photograph this millenia old culture ever. As the Hamar people did not know the social implications of the camera they showed themselves, unimpressed by the camera and the reprocutions of its use, and allowed themselves to be recorded to the histories. It is a record of the cradle of mankind.

In my constant search for both meaning and depth in photography I find this juxtaposition shows a small but evacotive portion of what the photographic medium is capable of capturing.

I will, of course, have works by a number of other photographers as listed to the left. I look forward to greeting you at stand 214 in the coming week.