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The Old Man & The Sea
Sarah Mei Herman, Jonathan, 2010

The Old Man & The Sea

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Exhibition: – 5 Apr 2014


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1015 KB Amsterdam

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The Old Man & The Sea
Henri Cartier-Bresson, Valencia, Spain, 1933

The Old Man & The Sea

Exhibition: January 30 - April 5, 2014

Kahmann Gallery is one of the leading galleries in the field of vintage photography in the Netherlands and houses an impressive collection of vintage photos by visionary artists like André Kertesz, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sanne Sannes and Gerard Fieret. However, Kahmann Gallery also focuses its attention on the contemporary visionaries, who have a timeless and unique quality in their work and are producing the potential masterpieces of the future.

In the exhibition The Old Man & The Sea these two elements of Kahmann Gallery are brought together in an extraordinary way; a selection of highlights from the vintage collection are combined with their contemporary counterpart in a complementing way. The result of the interaction leads to a different view of both images; the vintage work finds a new relevance for the present-day, while the contemporary works find their place in photography history.

The Old Man & The Sea
Scheltens & Abbenes, Soap Bars, 2012
Courtesy Galerie Martin van Zomeren

The title of this exhibition is a reference to the world famous novel by Ernest Hemingway. The Old Man & The Sea is the epic tale of the old Cuban fisherman Santiago and his quest for the biggest catch of his life and was the crown on Hemingway's career. It made the author immortal and influenced countless generations of writers, just as the vintage photographers have influenced photographers with their masterpieces and the contemporary photographers will most likely do with their works.

The Old Man & The Sea
Helen Levitt, Squatting Girl, 1980
The Old Man & The Sea