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Alexey Kiselev
Untitled #2
from Dancer series
inkjet print on photo paper
89,5 x 70 cm
Edition 1 / 3 + 2 AP


Alexey Kiselev » Gosha Rubchinskiy » Anna Skladmann »

Exhibition: – 17 Dec 2013

Wed 20 Nov

POBEDA gallery

Red Square, 3, GUM
109012 Moscow

+7 495-


Transfiguration © Gosha Rubchinskiy/Pobeda Gallery

Alexey Kiselev was born in Yekaterinburg in 1976 and has lived and worked in Moscow since 2004. He explains his career choice as suddenly deciding one day to become a photographer and spending his remaining money on a Zenit and Photoshop magazine.

The artist doesn't question the trustworthiness of the surroundings and focuses on the distinction between the abstract and intuitive. In this way he offers his audience a new manner of contemplation as well as exposing his own attitude to personal memory.

Gosha Rubchinskiy is a fashion designer, photographer and film maker as well as maker of elegant sportswear inspired by the romance of youth, Russia's religious roots and the clash between the Russian post-soviet mentality and growing up in the country undergoing huge political, economical and cultural change. Using his photography, film and fashion work almost like a Gesamtkunstwerk, Rubchinskiy hopes to bring the post-Soviet generation to the foreground in an honest, new light.

Anna Skladman, born in 1986 in Bremen, Germany. Anna is a freelance photographer that now lives and works between London and Moscow. She graduated with a B.F.A in Photography from Parsons School of Design in 2008 for which she studied in Paris and New York.

The moments of joy that Skladmann captures and inserts her Polaroids, as if with a butterfly net, evoke those stirring memories that each has in his innermost being: country promenades, comradely sojourns, a walk in the sunset lea. Akin to the day's first sun rays, these images rouse one from gloom and unlock an inner vision.

Anna Skladmann
Mistakes We’ve Yet To Make,
from The Memory Of A Ceremony series
Archival Pigment Print
100 x 110 cm
Edition AP (2 + 1AP)
Gosha Rubchinsky
Untitled #3
from Transfiguration series
2009 — 2011
Pigment print on paper
40 x 60 cm
Edition 1 / 5 + 2 AP