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Rodrigo Braga, The Solemn Pleasure


and the living is easy...

Jessica Backhaus » Rodrigo Braga » Lucien Clergue » Giacomo Costa » Andreas Feininger » Franco Fontana » Leonard Freed » Dionisio González » Mimmo Jodice » Michel Medinger » August Sander » Alfred Seiland » Edward Steichen » Alfred Stieglitz » Massimo Vitali » & others

Exhibition: 15 Jun – 20 Jul 2013

Sat 15 Jun 11:00 - 17:00

Galerie Clairefontaine

7 place de la Clairefontaine
1341 Luxembourg



Tue-Fri 10-18:30, Sat 10-17

Dionisio González, Pe Sujo, 2004

Summertime... and the living is easy...

If you need a vacation before your vacation, come and feast your eyes on the images of summer ease and glory at Galerie Clairefontaine: the feeling is layed back, the wind blows softly through the palm trees in the pictures of some of the best artists of the world, while jazzy songs come to your mind (and ears) and make you feel like you’re on holiday.

Lucien Clergue

Enjoy cheerful moments of recreation by taking a little time off on a long weekend or after a hard day’s work by looking at the most delightful “fiesta images” that will make you sing - even if it rains!

Greenwich Park, 2012 © Massimo Vitali
Leonard Freed, fire hydrant