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Photomeetings Luxembourg 2012
Justine Szczepanczyk, Metropolis, 2011

Photomeetings Luxembourg 2012

Photography = Fiction ?

Salvatore Michele Elefante » Lasse Lecklin » Katri Naukkarinen »

Exhibition: – 20 Oct 2012

Galerie beim Engel

1, rue de la Loge
1945 Luxembourg

Photomeetings Luxembourg

1341 Luxembourg



Photomeetings Luxembourg 2012
Lina Fesseler, Untitled, 2012

Photography = Fiction ?
until 20 October 2012

Galerie beim Engel
1, rue de la Loge
L-1945 Luxembourg

The Galerie beim Engel is hosting an exhibition entitled Photography is Fiction? It features a group show by emerging artists from 6 universities and schools:

• Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien
Claus Diwisch, Sebastian Gärtner, Myriam Hamann, Alina Helal, Hannah Luegmeyer, Peter Paulhart, Céline Struger, Pawel Szostak, Petra Waldek, Jakob Wiesmayer, Eugen Wist
• Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium
Nora El Arbi, Joke Druyst, Vesna Faassen, Tjarda Goovaerts, Hilde Lenaerts, Joan Panhuyzen, Déni Irs, Jade Sips, Valentina Stellino, Lukas Verdijk
• Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture Helsinki, Finland
Salvatore Elefante, Lasse Lecklin, Anni Hanén, Erica Kovanen, Katri Naukkarinen
• Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, Germany
Marina Amrehn, Simon Braun, Benedikt Eisenhardt, Lina Fesseler, Alex Kern, Saskia Groneberg, Natalie Isser, Henning Kreitel, Jakob Lauer, Justine Szczepanczyk, Sven Weber, Magnus Wiedenmann
• Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, Hungary
Panna Donka, Eszter Galambos, Cintia Mercédesz Gombos, Luca Hartai, Réka Hegyháti, Attila Kozó, Mátyás Krista, Soma Rétfalvi, Julia Standovár, András Törcsi, Wanda Martin
• Lycée Aline Mayrisch, Luxembourg
Dunia Ciuferri, Céline Evans, Sally Léen, Laurence Schoen, Céline Zimmer

The works on display have been created during the summer semester 2012 at theirrespective universities. Many of these can be seen illustrated in the students’ section of the photomeetings luxembourg 2012 catalogue.

The theme Photography = Fiction? has been explored from many different angles. The main questions revolved around photography’s relationship to truth and analyses the usual filters of perception.

We can see photography’s role as an accurate mirror on the world with its promise of truth telling as opposed to the intriguing conceptual possibility of creating a "photograph" entirely digitally. Working together while trying to develop one’s own style between numerous possibilities - from snapshot aesthetics to the application of cinematic techniques - in order to address concerns, desires and realities of one’s own culture shows a powerful source of creation throughout the exhibition.

Making "photographic magic" happens by transcending moods and themes, structuring and creating fictional stories that express our deepest emotions is this year’s goal.

Photomeetings Luxembourg 2012
Nora El Arbi, Lenah, 2011
Photomeetings Luxembourg 2012
Lasse Lecklin, Eko, Greece, From the series Places to Stop, 2012