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The rape of europe
© Michal Chelbin . Rape of europa 2002

The rape of europe

Michal Chelbin » Sumer Erek » Viola Friedrich » Kevin Fulton » Nikos Giavropoulos » Tea Maekipää » Brent McTavish » Photini Papahatzi » Sam Schramm » Filippos Tsitsopoulos » Janine von Thüngen » & others

Exhibition: 20 Nov – 21 Dec 2003

Luke & A Gallery

4 Pollen Street, Mayfair
W1 London

+44 (0)20-76296622

Mon-Sat 11-19

The rape of europe
© Viola Friedrich . the robbery of europe 1998 . series of 5 photographs c-prints on paper

The Rape of Europe is conceived with the classical myth in mind, whereby the near-eastern princess Europe is loved by Zeus, who - in the guise of a magnificent white bull - carries her off to Crete where she eventually gives birth by him to the first Europeans. The Rape of Europe is designed as a multi-media exhibition (featuring painting, sculpture, photography, video or performance) by international artists whose work either revisits, subverts or questions the myth. The theme calls for scenes of terror, fear or evil on an aesthetic, physchological or political level and inspired from the past, the present or the future. All Artists Dimitrios Antonitsis . Julian Broadhurst . Michal Chelbin . Ricardo Cinalli . Sumer Erek . Viola Friedrich . Kevin Fulton . Savas Georgiadis . Nikos Giavropoulos . Ulyana Gumeniuk . Pat Kaufman . Masha Konstantinova . Serena Korda . Mina Luxa . Tea Mäkipää . Brent McTavish . Jannis Markopoulos . Derek Marks . Salvatore Morvillo . Barbara Nahmad . Photini Paphatzi . Marcus Richards . Sam Schramm . Yiota Skarveli . Tetine: Bruno Verner & Eliete Mejorado . Filippos Tsitsopoulos . Janine v Thungen . Tomoya Yamaguchi . Sdam White Catalogue of the exhibition 80 pages, 40 illustrations is due to be published in November price: £10 +£2.50 p&p to order your copy please write to: lukart@dial.pipex.com

The rape of europe
© Brent McTavish . The demise of innocence 2003 c-print
The rape of europe
© Tea Mäkipää . sisters 2003 london