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Planet Lovigin
Babouchka Valentina awaiting the sunset on the dock [Kolomenskoye, Moscow] ©Petr Lovigin/courtesy°CLAIR Gallery

Petr Lovigin »

Planet Lovigin

Exhibition: 7 Sep – 23 Sep 2012

Fri 7 Sep 19:00

°CLAIR Galerie

1, rue de la Tour . Nice
06570 St. Paul de Vence


1, rue de la Tour . Nice
06570 St. Paul de Vence

+33 664-757789


by appt.

Planet Lovigin
Tanya walks towards the most beautiful church in the world [Bogolyubovo, region of Vladimir ] ©Petr Lovigin/courtesy°CLAIR Gallery

°CLAIR invites You for the opening, friday 7th of september 2012, 7 pm

The exhibition comes along with the publication
Hardcover, 112 pages.
Photographies: Petr Lovigin.
Texts: Petr Lovigin and Anna-Patricia Kahn.
Languages: english/french

In "Planet Lovigin" the artist takes the reader along in a fairy-tale road trip through his Russian homeland and the Caucasus region. The pictures frequently sport the artist’s handwritten commentaries, or he furnishes them with ornaments.

Lovigin travels the planet, casting his ironic gaze on things and people, overdrawing a cliché here and there, and yet always displaying evident affection for his subjects. The artist likes to call his work the »Soul Kitchen« of photography.

Lovigin (born 1981), who is exclusively represented by °CLAIR gallery,studied architecture before taking up photography. His internet blog lovigin.livejournal.com has thousands of young Russian followers. Since 2006 his photograph series have been shown in numerous exhibitions, most recently at the Museum of Photography Thessaloniki, the Photobiennale in Moscow and the Istanbul Modern Art Museum.

Planet Lovigin
The hair salon and the best possible advertising [Tbilisi] ©Petr Lovigin/courtesy °CLAIR Gallery
Planet Lovigin
Nap. The grandfather telling a story to his granddaughter [Oni, Ratcha region] ©Petr Lovigin/courtesy°CLAIR Gallery
Planet Lovigin
Babouchka Valentina takes a walk in the full sun [Kolomenskoye, Moscow] ©Petr Lovigin/courtesy°CLAIR Gallery