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Peter Margonelli, Invisible Geographies: The Tower, 2007
Digital inkjet print, 60 x 90 cm, Edition of 10.
(Image courtesy of the artist and Blindspot Gallery)


Architectural Photography

Dick Chan » Peter Margonelli » Eason Tsang Ka Wai »

Exhibition: – 7 Jul 2012

Blindspot Gallery

24-26A, Aberdeen Street, Central
Hong Kong



Tues-Sat 11-19

Peter Margonelli, Invisible Geographies: The Bridge, 2007
Digital inkjet print, 60 x 90 cm, Edition of 10.
(Image courtesy of the artist and Blindspot Gallery)

Blindspot Gallery is pleased to present “THREE DIMENSIONS” featuring architectural photography by Peter Margonelli, Dick Chan and Eason Tsang. The artists create new vistas of the ever-shifting cityscapes by employing distinct visual languages grounded in personal and cultural backgrounds. Their images of cityscape and architectures devoid of presence of people present a previously invisible and fascinating view of the city.

Peter Margonelli’s deserted industrial landscape photography projects a world without time. The Invisible Geographies series are images of industrial sites enveloped by flat light and grayish hues with devoid of recent human presence. The images allude to film sets fallen into disuse, with a surreal ambience that resembles Edward Hopper’s paintings at times. Growing up in a small industrial town, the artist explored the hollowed out factories and warehouses in his childhood. Today the artist finds himself seeking out the post-industrial environment that evokes his emotional power of these early experiences.

Dick Chan’s panoramic images encapsulate the surreal transformation of old districts like Kowloon Bay and Wong Tai Sin in Hong Kong, and offer a succinct example of accelerating modernisation in these areas. The images highlight the physical, intrinsic characteristics of buildings like deserted factories and traditional public housing, and modern skyscrapers springing up over the areas. Chan’s juxtaposition of the historic and the modern is a familiar theme to city dwellers, whose existence constantly unfolds in unfamiliar moments as the city changes every day.

Eason Tsang’s Landmark series are images of Hong Kong skyscrapers taken at night from an upshot angle. These images of skyscrapers give only small hints of their true identities, which are mostly famous landmarks in Hong Kong like the Peninsula Hotel and the Jardine House. In Tsang’s images, conventional architectural qualities like stillness and formality are replaced by a striking sense of movement, as the buildings move vertically up toward the sky and become new landmarks on their own vertical planes. Tsang’s creation of these imaginative landmarks is a statement on Hong Kong being a densely populated space.

“Three Dimensions” presents highly individualised and imaginative images of architecture and cityscapes by Peter Margonelli, Dick Chan and Eason Tsang. By bringing together the distinct sensibilities of these artists, the exhibition showcases the cultural and artistic diversity inherent in architecture photography.

About Peter Margonelli
Born in 1954 in Connecticut, United States, Margonelli began his career as an experimental filmmaker and later earned a BFA in Film from the New York University. Photography would turn out to be Peter’s true passion, and his film background instills a cinematic ambience into his still photographs. Margonelli was recently invited to participate in the Helsinki Photography Biennial 2012. He currently lives and works in New York, United States.

About Dick Chan
Born in 1969 in Hong Kong, Chan was an award-winning photojournalist and editor for a number of Chinese newspapers in the 90s. After earning his master degree in International Communications in the UK, he became a frontline-worker in relief and development in China and other South Asian countries. The experience has translated into a focus on humanity, society and environmental issues in Hong Kong and beyond in his photography.

About Eason Tsang
Born in 1986 in Hong Kong, Tsang is currently a student at the School of Creative Media of City University of Hong Kong with a major in Photography. Tsang has been working on various personal photography projects since 2011. He was recently awarded a photography prize by the Global Design Awards organized by the Hong Kong Designers Association.

Dick Chan, The Familiar Peculiarity No. 1, 2012
Archival inkjet print, 68 x 150 cm, Edition of 8.
(Image courtesy of the artist and Blindspot Gallery
Eason Tsang, Landmark No. 6, 2012
Digital inkjet print, 46 x 70 cm, Edition of 5.
(Image courtesy of the artists and Blindspot Gallery)