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Copenhagen Photo Festival 2012
Photo: from the series “Perfect Childehood” by Lærke Posselt

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2012

Per Morten Abrahamsen » Mats Bäcker » Daniel Berehulak » Elina Brotherus » Lee Friedlander » Niels Hougaard » Jakob Hunosøe » Per Bak Jensen » Per Johansen » Finn Larsen » Lee Materazzi » Mads Nissen » Lærke Posselt » Sergei Sviatchenko »

Exhibition: – 17 Jun 2012

Copenhagen Photo Festival

Villa Kultur, Krausesvej 3
2100 Copenhagen



Copenhagen Photo Festival 2012
David Trood © Getty Images

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2012

Celebrating photography all over the city
The public spaces of Copenhagen will be filled with photographs June 7th-17th, when galleries, museums, streets and squares focus on Danish and international photography during Copenhagen Photo Festival. Photo City, the festival's epic centre, is situated in the raw industrial area of the old Carlsberg Brewery. Last year the festival had 25,000 active users, and it is the ambition to reach even more this year.

An international breakthrough
The applications for the festival have more than doubled since last year. This year the festival received 250 applications from 24 countries across the world.
"It's amazing to read these motivated applications that have come all the way from countries as diverse as Russia, Brazil and Japan. In just three years we have succeeded in gaining international, and we are very proud and honoured of that achievement," says Julie Klitbo, festival director and cofounder. Along with the festival's selection panel she has chosen the works among approx. 4,000 submitted works.

Free admission
"It has always been an important part of the vision of the festival to offer high quality photographic experiences without paying admission fee. We are very grateful for our sponsorships, volunteer resources, the strong commitment from the city's museums and galleries and not least the exhibiting photographers who all make it possible to maintain the festival's high artistic ambitions and the possibility to offer free access," says Rasmus Ranum, who founded the festival with Julie Klitbo.

This year’s program
This year, the festival program presents more than 250 participating photographers, 60 photo exhibitions throughout the city – and Photo City, which in itself presents more than 5000 sq meters of high quality photography.

Copenhagen Photo Festival 2012
© Elina Brotherus
Courtesy Martin Asbaek
Copenhagen Photo Festival 2012
Lee Materazzi
Courtesy Gallery Pulsen
Copenhagen Photo Festival 2012
Per Morten Abrahamsen
Courtesy Hans Alf gallery