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Ultimate Hot Rod © Cravat & Bada


Young Belgian Talent Introduced by FotoMuseum Antwerp

Zaza Bertrand » CRAVAT & BADA » Lara Gasparotto » Liesbet Grupping » Clément Huylenbroeck » Elisabeth Ida » An-Sofie Kesteleyn » Arnold Lebovics » Hana Miletic » Max Pinckers »

Exhibition: 9 Mar – 15 Apr 2012

Fri 9 Mar 20:00

de Brakke Grond* Vlaams Cultuurhuis

Nes 45
1012 KD Amsterdam

+31 (0)20-6229014


Tue-Fri 10-20:30 . Sat 13-20.30 . Sun 13-17

Cool Places Vol. 1 – 2 © Zaza Bertrand

Young Belgian Talent Introduced by FotoMuseum Antwerpen

Through an exhibition with the same name, de Brakke Grond welcomes .tiff, the new photography magazine of Antwerp’s FotoMuseum. This annual publication offers an introduction to the work of ten talented young Belgian photographers. De Brakke Grond presents a live edition of the magazine.

The curators of FotoMuseum Antwerp closely follow the latest developments in Belgian photography. For the first edition of .tiff, they selected ten young photographers who have stood out during the past year through the uniqueness, authenticity and currency of their work. For most of them, this will be their first time in the spotlight.

The magazine presents a portfolio of the most recent photos by each artist. The group exhibition in de Brakke Grond takes the magazine as its starting point, but will include additional works. The exhibition in combination with the magazine therefore present an extensive sampler of the work of the new generation of Belgian photographers.
Most of the photographers do not see their photos as an end product, but a means of getting a grip on their own lives. For this generation, photography is as natural a part of their world as their world is a part of their photography. This gives rise to photos that clearly emerge from a personal perspective: sometimes poetic, sometimes raw – and sometimes both at once. A personal approach that challenges the viewer to come up with an equally subjective response.

Participating photographers:
Zaza Bertrand, Cravat & Bada, Lara Gasparotto, Liesbet Grupping, Clément Huylenbroeck, Elisabeth Ida, An-Sofie Kesteleyn, Arnold Lebovics, Hana Miletic and Max Pinckers.

Join the opening on Friday 9 March at 20h00. De Brakke Grond presents Talks&Drinks: Meet the Photographers. Lise Lotte Ten Voorde will introduce the curators of FotoMuseum Antwerp. Together they will take you on a guided tour of the .tiff photo series. Get to know the photographers as they talk about their passions, obsessions, influences, methods and future plans. With a ‘live column’ by visual/performance artist Feiko Beckers. Will you be there? Join our Facebook event.

The magazine .tiff is available from de Brakke Grond, and costs € 2.00.
Made possible with the support of FotoMuseum Antwerp

See also: www.fotomuseum.be

Max Pinckers: Craftsmen of Genius, work in progress, 2012.
Elisabeth Ida: from the series Home, 2010
Hana Miletic: from the series EURO Cars, 2010-2011, M-B (A124) 300 CE-24 C 1994 2 M-AMG EU