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3rd Daegu Photo Biennale - 2008 Best Portfolio exhibition

Kyung Duk Kim » Oksun KIM » Sung Soo Koo » Sunmin Lee » Eunkyung Shin » Yeorrock » JeongMee Yoon »

Exhibition: – 24 Oct 2010

Daegu Photo Biennale

503, Jung-mu Bldg, 26, Seoseong-ro, Jung-gu
702-712 Daegu

+82 (53)-655-4789


3rd Daegu Photo Biennale -tru(E)motion Main Exhibitions Helsinki School Seconds of Life breaking the edge Special Exhibitions Asia Spectrum Speaking out peace The subject of 2010 Daegu Biennale is ‘tru(E)motion’ (landscape calling us). It has three points of view. First, it is literally true emotion. A photographer expresses his/her emotion sincerely in a situation that happens in a space through photos. Second, it can show motions through ‘true motion.’ it shows the boundary between photos and videos through video works of photo artists as well as photos. It stimulates audience's curiosity through various instruments for video works. Last, ‘E’ expresses the nature and the human which are great interests in the field of art, as the initial 'e' of ecology and environment. So, it views a subtle relation between cities made by humans and the humans living in the cities ironically. Moreover, it is a complex keyword of three main exhibitions (‘Seconds of Life’: landscape made by humans, ‘helsinki school’ and ‘breaking the edge’) which are introduced in this Biennale. true(E)motion This thematic exhibition conveys the idea of space we humans have created. The artistic directors of the show, Lee Yong-hwan and Walter Vergmoser feel that “We humans have incessantly produced artificial spaces in nature as a way of life.” However, “The real scenes artists have captured are in no way pessimistic, but familiar environments in which we live and breathe.”