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Kimiko Yoshida. From Self-portraits, 2009


Evolution of Portrait in Photography

Serena Andreini » Roger Ballen » Derek Besant » Silvio Canini » Tom Chambers » Wu Cheng Chang » Kim Chang-Soo » Natasha & Valery Cherkashin » Ilse Chlan » Almond Chu » Pierre Dalpé » Tatiana Daniliants » Nathalie Daoust » Deena des Rioux » Lorenzo Di Loreto » Frank Dituri » Jennifer Drucker » Carlos Escolastico » Laurence Gartel » Eugenia Gortchakova » Ben Hansen » Dana Herlihy » Evgeny Ivanov » Davida Kidd » Atta Kim » Viktor Koen » Brigitte Konyen » Barry Kornbluh » Zbigniew Kosc » Ono Ludwig » Davide Maione » Vladimir Martynov » Christophe Meul » Alexandra Mitlyanskaya » Olga Polesovshikova » Andrey Polushkin » Svyatoslav Ponomarev » Tero Puha » Max Sauco » Jan Stradtmann » Jenny Vogel » Rinat Voligamsi » Kimiko Yoshida » Alexander Zabrin »

Exhibition: – 12 Jan 2012

ROSPHOTO. State Museum and Exhibition Centre for Photography

ul. Bolshaya Morskaya, 35
191186 Saint-Petersburg

The State Russian Museum and Exhibition Centre ROSPHOTO

ul. Bolshaya Morskaya, 35
191186 Saint-Petersburg



daily 11-19, Tue, Thu 11-21

Jenny Vogel. From Your Lips Are No Man's Land But Mine, 2008

ROSPHOTO State Museum and Exhibition Centre for Photography
under the auspices of the Ministry for Culture of the Russian Federation

the FACE: evolution of portrait in photography
26 November 2011 – 12 January 2012

Opening: 25 November 2011 at 18.00
Front building exhibition hall (2 floor)

ROSPHOTO introduces the FACE, exhibition dedicated to the evolution of portrait in contemporary art photography. The show embraces artworks of over 50 authors from 20 countries. Works by young artists hardly known to St.Petersburg audience are found side by side with the photographs by famous artists including the American Laurence Gartel, one of the pioneers of digital art, South Aftican artist Roger Ballen of US descent, Corean Atta Kim, 'Chinese Mapplethorpe' Almond Chu of HongKong, Japanese Kimiko Yoshida now living in Paris. The exhibition also includes artworks by over 10 authors from Moscow, St.-Petersburg and other Russian cities. The FACE combines traditional images and conceptual interpretations of portrait genre in various photographic techniques. Shown togehter in one exhibition, these artworks comprise an ensemble that does not claim to reflect the whole mass of ideas realized in contemporary photography today, but sheds a light on the specifics and the place of portrait in contemporary art.

Participating artists: Andrey Polushkin (Russia) | Svyatoslav Ponomarev (Russia) | Alexander Zabrin (Russia) | Eugenia Gortchakova (Germany) | Christophe Meul (Belgium) | Deena des Rioux (USA) | Davida Kidd (Canada) | Alexandra Mitlyanskaya (Russia) | Tero Puha (Finland) | Max Sauco (Russia) | Serena Andreini (Great Britain) | Almond Chu (China) | Atta Kim (South Korea) | Dana Herlihy (Great Britain) | Tom Chambers (USA) | Derek Besant (Canada) | Zbigniew Kosc (Poland / Netherlands) | Rinat Voligamsi (Russia) | Viktor Koen (Greece/ USA) | Laurence Gartel (USA) | Wu Cheng Chang (Taiwan) | Brigitte Konyen (Austria) | Ben Hansen (Belgium) | Davide Maione (Great Britain) | Carlos Escolastico (Spain) | Ono Ludwig (Germany) | Jenny Vogel (USA) | Victor Lukin (Russia) | Kimiko Yoshida (France / Japan) | Ilse Chlan (Austria) | Kim Chang-Soo (South Korea) | Barry Kornbluh (Netherlands / USA) | Frank Dituri (USA / Italy) | Roger Ballen (Republic of South Africa / USA) | Jan Stradtmann (Germany) | Olga Polesovshikova (Russia) | Jennifer Drucker (USA / Italy) | Tatiana Daniliants (Russia) | Valery and Natasha Cherkashin (Russia) | Lorenco Di Loreto (Italy) | Vladimir Martynov (Russia) | Pierre Dalpe (Canada) | Natalie Daoust (Canada) | Evgeny Ivanov (Russia) | Silvio Canini (Italy).
The curator of the exhibiiton – Andrey Martynov.

Brigitte Konyen. From Family Album, 2008.
ROGER BALLEN, Roar, 2002, from Shadow Chamber
Serena Andreini. From Backstage, 2007