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The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott
Mount Erebus, from the sea ice, Cape Evans, Oct 1911 © Richard Kossow, courtesy of ATLAS Gallery

The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott

Herbert G. Ponting » Captain Robert Falcon Scott »

Exhibition: – 26 Nov 2011

Atlas Gallery

49 Dorset Street
W1U 7NF London

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Mon-Fri 10-18 . Sat 11-17

The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott
Ponies on the march, Great Ice Barrier, 2 Dec 1911 © Richard Kossow, courtesy of ATLAS Gallery



Previously unpublished photographs
Unique vintage prints exhibited for the first time ever
Modern Limited edition prints released for sale

Atlas Gallery is proud to present the first exhibition ever of the previously unseen personal photographs of Captain Robert Falcon Scott taken on his ill-fated journey to the South Pole. This coincides with the historic publication of Scott’s long-lost photographs, 100 years after his team’s legendary journey to the South Pole in a new book, published by Little Brown this October.

The legend of Captain Scott, icon of fortitude and courage, who perished with his fellow explorers on their return from the South Pole in March 1912, is an enduring one. However, many do not know that throughout his journey, in the face of extreme climatic conditions and technical challenges, Scott used a camera to capture breathtaking polar panoramas, geographical and geological scenes, and action photographs of the explorers and their animals, remarkable for their technical skill as well as for their poignancy. Lost, fought over, neglected, and finally resurrected, Scott’s final photographs are collected together here for the first time: a humbling testament to the last great expedition of the Heroic Age of Polar Exploration.
The exhibition includes a small selection of the original unique vintage prints, publicly displayed for the first time, along-side vintage prints by H.G. Ponting, Scott’s official photographer and modern prints made from Scott’s originals. All works on display will be for sale.
Next year will see the 100th anniversary of the death of Scott and the four companions who perished with him on this epic journey. In addition to the current exhibition of Scott’s photographs, Atlas Gallery will host an extensive exhibition of the work of H.G. Ponting in March 2012, when a memorial service will also take place at Westminster Abbey.

The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott. Text David M. Wilson.
Published by Little Brown, October 2011.
ISBN 9781408703007

The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott
Foundering in soft snow: (left to right) Cherry Garrard, Bowers, Keohane, Crean, Wilson, Beardmore Glacier, 13 Dec 1911 © Richard Kossow, courtesy of ATLAS Gallery
The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott
Camp under the Wild Mountains, Beardmore Glacier, 20 Dec 1911 © Richard Kossow, courtesy of ATLAS Gallery