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Chinese Spring #1

Chinese Spring #1

LIU Dawei » CHEN Man » Lin Zhipeng - 223 »

Exhibition: 23 Sep – 30 Oct 2011


Klapdorp 2
2000 Antwerp

+32 495-515777


Fr 16-18 . Sat 14-18 . Sun 14-18

Chinese Spring #1
CHEN Man & Dawei

Chinese Spring #1

Chenman - 223 - Dawei

The exposition “Chinese Spring # 1” is the first show that shows an overview of the vibrant artistic Photography scene in present Beijing. These 3 Photographers, grown up in the Eighties are the role models for a complete new generation of young adolescents and artists of this New China in transformation.

223 shows works of his series “My private Broadway”, a publication he made in Guangzhou that shows a very individualistic approach of the daily life of this new generation of consumers, artists and young students in the suburbs of Shanghai , Guangzhou and Beijing. His blog is the most viewed blog on photography in China and is a platform on which many new artists have shown their works for the first time.

Chen Man is a Beijing based young woman , who has developped her own unique style : the transformation of models into fantasy figures in a idealistic world.

Dawei presents his series “cottons” , an interaction between his landscapes with portraits of Chen Man.

Chinese Spring #1
Chinese Spring #1