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David Van Reybrouck – werkend aan Congo – 7/1/2010 14u21-14u36 © Alexandra Cool

Alexandra Cool »


Exhibition: – 25 Sep 2011

Photo Museum Antwerp

Waalsekaai 47
2000 Antwerp

FOMU Fotomuseum Antwerp

Waalsekaai 47
2000 Antwerp



Tue-Sun 10-18

Geert van Istendael - 14/10/2005 11u52-12u13 © Alexandra Cool

Four photographers invite you to gain 'insight' into their work. There is more to every single one of these images than meets the eye. It is up to the viewer to discover the deeper meaning in the photographs.

Elke Andreas Boon sets out in search of an ever-present primal power. In the photographs of Elinor Carucci, one is confronted with female intimacy in all its aspects. In her portraits of authors, Alexandra Cool wants to reveal the invisible and let the silence speak. The life work of Jacques Sonck categorizes people into a classification system known only to the photographer.

The fascination for human beings, their emotions and uncertainties is the basis of the work of Elke Andreas Boon (BE). In the world she creates, there is no perfection. It is a world of despair and imperfection, but precisely because of this also a world with beauty and a sense of freedom. For the FotoMuseum, she creates four separate installations.

Jacques Sonck (Belgium, 1949) makes probing street and studio portraits of prominent figures from all walks of life. In his pictures, he sets out in search of archetypes. He has been systematically expanding this catalogue since 1975.

Elinor Carucci (IL, 1971) has been shooting her immediate environment for years. Her photographs are an intimate testimony of her relationship with her partner, her children and her parents. It is their air of honesty that makes these images both poetic and confrontational.

The photos of Alexandra Cool (BE, 1961) express the desire to record the invisible, the inspiration. Using a pinhole camera, she has made portraits of writers at work.

Rui Coias - werkend aan A Ordem do Mundo - 1/3/2007 12u01-12u27 © Alexandra Cool
Jonathan Coe - werkend aan The terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim 21/5/2009 16u06-16u28 © Alexandra Cool