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The 6th Momentum Biennial: Imagine Being Here Now

Elina Brotherus » Bruce Conner » Ann Lislegaard » Katrina Löfström » Naeem Mohaiemem » Eadweard J. Muybridge » Rosalind Nashashibi » Ioana Nemes » Prinz Gohlam » Raqs Media Collective » Mandla Reuter » Simon Starling » Superflex (Jakob Fenger, Rasmus Nielsen, Bjørnstjerne Christiansen) » Roi Vaara »

Exhibition: 18 Jun – 2 Oct 2011

The Momentum Biennial

Box 5016
1503 Moss


Box 5016
1503 Moss



Imagine Being Here Now Fifty international artists are announced to take part in the 6th Momentum Biennial entitled Imagine Being Here Now opening in Norway on 18 June. Five Nordic curators collaborated on creating this year’s exhibition, which will take place in different places in and around the town of Moss and even stretch to the capitals of the Nordic countries. Imagine Being Here Now The 6th Momentum Biennial is predicated upon a conviction that the complexities of orientating the world depend on factors of memory and imagination that inevitably transpire within time and space. Indeed, we tend to emphasize the latter when considering human experience, but for each individual time and space expands back and forth, up and down and even sideways (to whatever elements each person takes into consideration at any given moment). The inherent present of each individual not only extends to momentary impressions but to his or her past as well as their expectations of the future, owing to the fact that we have the ability to imagine being somewhere else entirely, in any other place at any other time. The epigram guiding the exhibition, Imagine Being Here Now, was originally conceived by Lucy R. Lippard as a lecture title offered for advance publication when unclear of what to speak about. However, the paradoxical phrase also presented an advantageous position by alluding to the question ‘why would we have to imagine a place if we are right here now?’ and moreover, perhaps most importantly, initiated a discussion about the significance of time and place in art and exhibition-making. Venues In extension to the two venues that usually house the Momentum Biennial, Galleri F15 – a historic countryside villa, and Momentum Kunsthall – a former brewery in the city center, the exhibition engages The Solberg Tower – an empty high-rise near the city of Moss. Furthermore, projects intervene in the exhibition infrastructure at unexpected hours and sites throughout The 6th Momentum Biennial. One of those events will be an itinerant performance program presenting itself around the Nordic region in the fall. Meet us in Venice A prelude to what might occur in Moss; the launch of an introductory reader published by Mousse will take place in Venice, June 3 at 8 pm in the courtyard of Collegio Armeno (Campo Santa Margherita) in collaboration with the Icelandic Pavilion. Writers, artists and thinkers will then, in the Reader, introduce the exhibition. Indicatory of an exhibition venturing to pin down, stretch and animate the experience of time in standstill, motion and reverse the Reader parallels the multiple layers of presentation and expressions characterizing the exhibition. Artists Øystein Aasan (NO), Caroline Achaintre (FR), Harpa Árnadóttir (IS), Michael Baers (US), Margrét H. Blöndal (IS), Paolo Bottarelli (IT), KP Brehmer (DE), Elina Brotherus (FI), Heman Chong (SG), Bruce Conner (US), Jason Dodge (US), Aleksandra Domanović (RS), Leif Elggren (SE), Luca Frei (SE), Ellie Ga (US), Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir (IS), Hamza Halloubi (MA), Magnús Logi Kristinsson (IS), Matti Kujasalo (FI), Oliver Laric (AU), Karl Larsson (SE), Ann Lislegaard(NO), The Long Now Foundation (US), Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio (IT), Katarina Löfström (SE), Daniel Medina (VE), Maria Miesenberger (SE), Naeem Mohaiemen (BD), Ulrike Mohr (DE), Eadweard Muybridge (UK), Simon Dybbroe Møller (DK), Rosalind Nashashibi (UK), Ioana Nemes (RO), Finnbogi Pétursson (IS), Prinz Gholam (LB/DE), Raqs Media Collective (IN), Mandla Reuter (ZA), Nikolai von Rosen (DE), Hans Rosenström (FI), Andreas Siqueland (NO) , SEXTAGS(NO), Simon Starling (UK), Fiete Stolte (DE), Superflex in collaboration with The Propeller Group (DK), Ines Tartler (DE), Roi Vaara (FI), Kjell Varvin (NO), Bettina Camilla Vestergaard (DK), Wooloo (DK), George Young (UK) Curators: Markús Þór Andrésson, Theodor Ringborg, Aura Seikkula, Christian Skovbjerg Jensen and Marianne Zamecznik