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Between forever and never
La Carta de Jamaica, video still 2009
© Alexander Apóstol

Between forever and never

Alexander Apóstol » Julieta Aranda » Christine de la Garenne » Regina José Galindo » Juan Fernando Herrán » Bjørn Melhus » Martín Sastre » & others

Exhibition: 4 Jun – 27 Nov 2011

IILA - Istituto Italo-Latino Americano Pavillion


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Between forever and never
"Episode I: Tango with Obama", 2009 Video, 6 min.
© Martín Sastre

ENTRE SIEMPRE Y JAMÁS (Between always and never) Latin American Pavilion - IILA (Italo-Latin American Institute) 54th International Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia 4th June – 27th November 2011 IILA (Italo-Latin American Institute), the institute which, since 1972, has organised the "Latin American Pavilion" at la Biennale di Venezia, will present at the 54th International Art Exhibition an exhibition that brings together for the first time artists from all the countries of Latin America, proposing an experimental project on the culture of the continent. As in the previous edition, the pavilion will be housed inside the Arsenale. For this 54th edition, IILA is enjoying the work of a team of Latin American and European experts, such as the IILA Cultural Secretary, Patricia Rivadeneira, Commissioner of the "Latin American Pavilion", and Alfons Hug, invited by IILA as Curator of the Pavilion. Hug was curator of the Bienal de São Paulo in 2002 and 2004 and the Bienal del Fin del Mundo, Ushuaia, in 2009. At the moment he lives in Río de Janeiro, where he heads the Goethe-Institut, institutional partner of this exhibition. The exhibition is entitled “Entre Siempre y Jamás” (Between always and never), a quote from a poem by the Uruguay writer Mario Benedetti, and is dedicated to the Latin American Bicentenary of Independence, recovering the significance of that independence and its cultural patrimony, articulating through art the temporal and local echoes that stem from it. The artists participating in this exhibition have explored the length and breadth of Latin America. They’ve visited small, tranquil towns in the hinterland of various countries, the crowded and overflowing megalopolis firmly rooted in the past as well as the modern metropolis that have entirely up-rooted all vestiges of history. Using contemporary resources, they’ve explored all 200 years of Latin American independence. The works on show recount the cultural, social and political worlds experienced by the contemporary American states. The artists invited to reflect on this theme are: Leticia El Halli Obeid (Argentina), Narda Alvarado (Bolivia), Neville D´Almeida (Brasil), Sebastián Preece (Chile), Juan Fernando Herrán (Colombia), Sila Chanto (Costa Rica), Reynier Leyva Novo (Cuba), María Rosa Jijón (Ecuador), Walterio Iraheta (El Salvador), Regina José Galindo (Guatemala), Cultural example of voodoo patrimony (Haiti), Adán Vallecillo (Honduras), Julieta Aranda (Mexico),Rolando Castellón (Nicaragua), Humberto Vélez (Panama), Claudia Casarino (Paraguay), Fernando Gutiérrez (Perù), David Pérez Karmadavis (Dominican Republic), Martín Sastre (Uruguay), Alexander Apóstol (Venezuela). In addition, because IILA's institutional aims include promoting cultural relations between Latin America, Italy and Europe, the exhibition project includes a number of artists who in Latin America have realized works dedicated to the Bicentenary: Alberto de Agostini (Italy), Gianfranco Foschino (Italy/Chile), Christine de la Garenne (Germany/Venezuela), Olaf Holzapfel with Teresa, Mirta, Dionisia, Noelia and Luisa Gutiérrez from the Wichi indigenous community (Germany/ Argentina), Bjørn Melhus (Norway/Mexico)

Between forever and never
"Hecho en Mexico", 2009 video
© Bjørn Melhus
Between forever and never
Carabobo 2010 Video 5:11 min
© Christine de la Garenne