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Inaugural Exhibition
Lars Tunbjork, Oland, 1991

Inaugural Exhibition

Sonja Braas » Anton Corbijn » Nathalie Grenzhaeuser » Jeroen Kooijmans » Jay Maisel » Lars Tunbjörk » Thomas Wrede »

Exhibition: 3 Sep – 1 Nov 2003

James Nicholson Gallery

NY 10001 New York



Inaugural Exhibition
Thomas Wrede, Tower, 2002

James Nicholson Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in San Francisco, today opened its doors to the public with an opening exhibition featuring work from the gallery’s group of acclaimed international and American artists. James Nicholson Gallery features artists working in the mediums of photography, video, and computer-rendered art, and has a full schedule of exhibitions arranged for the rest of 2003 and throughout 2004. Located at 49 Geary Street in downtown San Francisco, James Nicholson Gallery is the only gallery in the city to focus exclusively on contemporary, photo-based art. Much of the work presented is large-scale, color photography that often has been digitally manipulated. This is complemented by a selection of more traditional black-and-white work from established photographers. The gallery also features artists who work with ‘new media’ art forms including installations, film, video, and computer-generated art. It seeks to bring unique and new types of work to San Francisco, a city that has historically been known for more traditional art forms. “San Francisco is an international city and the art shown here should reflect that,” said James Nicholson, the gallery’s owner. “The gallery will exhibit the most exciting art being created here in the U.S. as well as overseas. There is a new generation of outstanding young artists around the world who push the boundaries of their medium, and I’m eager to bring this work to the Bay Area.” The gallery’s inaugural exhibition is a group presentation and previews many of the artists who will present solo shows at the gallery throughout 2004. Included are large-scale color photographs from Christoph Schreiber, Lars Tunbjörk, Nathalie Grenzhaeuser, Thomas Wrede, Sonja Braas, and David Maisel; black-and-white work from Anton Corbijn and Deborah Turbeville; videos from Jeroen Kooijmans; and computer-rendered artwork from Markus Wetzel. Many of the gallery’s artists are based in Europe and have had extensive exhibition histories abroad. Several overseas artists will be making their U.S. and/or West Coast debuts at the gallery over the next year. Works of the gallery’s artists are part of important museum collections around the world. “James Nicholson is bringing something extraordinary to the Bay Area arts environment,” said David Maisel, a Bay Area-based artist represented by the gallery. “The nature of work being presented by his gallery is unapologetically contemporary, and intentionally global in its scope. The gallery’s emphasis on new media and showing the most vibrant work from an international group of artists will bring tremendous energy to the San Francisco arts scene.”

Inaugural Exhibition
Nathalie Grenzhaeuser, Omaha Beach, 2002
Inaugural Exhibition
David Maisel, The Lake Project, #9823-4, 2002