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Laboratory obsession - from science to dream
Alessandro Bertolazzi, Bagno a Ripoli 2003

Massimiliano Camellini »

Laboratory obsession - from science to dream

Exhibition: 3 Nov – 4 Dec 2010

Mandeep Photography and beyond

viale Scalo san Lorenzo, 55
00185 Roma

+39 06-43419054


Tue-Sat 16-21

Laboratory obsession - from science to dream
Creafx, Scandicci 2007

Laboratory obsession
from science to dream

Photographs by
Massimiliano Camellini

"Risonanza" of International Festival of Film in Rome

Massimiliano Camellini immortalazes the artworks created by the SFX masters working for the cinema, transforming themselves in new Doctor Frankensteins: they mould bodies giving them a soul.

Artists who are able to create a life being a copy, a reproduction, an effort to transfer the anatomy towards the drama expression.
Eyes, hands, teeth, limbs, all scattered in order to achieve a humanity sometimes painful, sometimes upsetting, often enigmatic, they represent the “laboratory” where Massimiliano Camellini has operated finding out a physical appearance which becomes a story out of the time. Anatomical spare parts made of synthetic material who, through the chemical photographic process, stun for their ostentation, to be put inside the cognitive process that is the basis of each aesthetic project.

The Massimiliano Camellini's photographs give evidences of an expert use of the light, in a magic and dark playing of shadows, leading necessarily to the cinema language.

Friday 3 December, at 7.00 p.m., the workshop "Creation experiences
with Danilo del Monte, SFX artist.

Thursday 4 November at 7.00 p.m., book signing: LABORATORY OBSESSION by Massimiliano Camellini, 5 Continents Editions 2010.

Vernissage Wednesday 3 November 2010 at 7.00 p.m.
Up to 4 December 2010.

Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11-13 / 15-21
or by appointment

Laboratory obsession - from science to dream
Plastikart, Cesena 2007
Laboratory obsession - from science to dream
Sergio Stivaletti, Roma 2007