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Red dot
© André Lichtenberg

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221 Brompton Road, London SW3 2EJ

Alex FaKso » Tim Hall » André Lichtenberg »

Exhibition: – 12 Nov 2010

Flaere Gallery London / Paris

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Flaere Gallery


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Mon-Sun 11-20

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Zuek Udine #1
© Alex faKso

You are here
12 Oct – 12 Nov 2010
221, Brompton Road
London, SW3 2EJ. Great Britain

Three little words and a red dot that place us on the map. Three artists, André Lichtenberg, Tim Hall and Alex FaKso, take this red dot and flip it up into the gods of Canary Wharf; fling it far out into stormy oceans; and bury it deep in the graffitied bowels of an underground world.
They show us where we are, but in a way that we have never seen.

André Lichtenberg’s Vertigo takes us up to the dizzy heights of Canary Wharf’s skyscrapers. We gaze down on the anatomy of a global premier financial hub - a metallic machine whose perfect lines and beautiful perspectives are as intimidating and inscrutable as the inner workings within.

Tim Hall’s majestic Mountain and Seascapes inspire serenity and calmness. They breathe for us. They articulate the power and presence of the natural world – one that re-establishes the primacy of nature over man and puts us back in our place. Nature, they tell us, is the real master of the universe.

Descend then into the tunnelled belly of Europe’s metropolitan subways. Alex FaKso’s Heavy Metal shoots the covert mission of graffiti artists in action, ghostly figures against an array of colour - an unexpected vibrancy amidst the dark motionless machinery of the city.

‘You are here’ - three extraordinary different takes: each so distinct from the other but all portraying our one world. We can stand there rolling the red dot in the ball of our hand, and wonder what connection we have to each of them and they have between each other.

Each to their own.

Also showing: Flaere artists: Pia Elizondo and Alejandro Pintado. FlaereScope, the emerging arm of the gallery that seeks out and promotes promising talent will be showing Jenni Fergie, Alexander James, Margherita Lazzati, Jean-Paul Loyer, and Hidemi Takagi.

Based in London and Paris, Flaere Gallery specialises in limited edition 20th century and contemporary photography.

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Rhossilli I
© Tim Hall
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