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Nuevas Historias
Pierre Gonnord, Maria, 2006, c-print, 165 x 125 cm © Pierre Gonnord

Nuevas Historias

A new View of Spanish Photography and Video Art

Ignasi Aballí » Eugenio Ampudia » José Manuel Ballester » Sergio Belinchón » Jordi Bernadó » Isidro Blasco » Bleda & Rosa » Cabello & Carceller » Daniel Canogar » Jordi Colomer » Naia del Castillo » Joan Fontcuberta » Alicia Framis » Germán Gómez » Pierre Gonnord » Dionisio González » Cristina Lucas » Chema Madoz » Anna Malagrida » Ángel Marcos » Alicia Martín » José María Mellado » Rosell Messeguer » Aitor Ortiz » Gonzalo Puch » Montserrat Soto » Javier Vallhonrat » Valentin Vallhonrat »

Exhibition: – 15 Aug 2010

Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art

6 Vaasa



Nuevas Historias
From the series NOT FOR SALE, 2007, c-prints, each 220 x 180 cm © Alicia Framis

NUEVAS HISTORIAS A new View of Spanish Photography and Video Art The exhibition Nuevas Historias. A New View of Spanish Photography and Video Art includes works by more than 25 Spanish artists with the aim to put the spotlight on an area of contemporary photography that is still largely unknown to many people but deserves all attention. The exhibition is the most extensive presentation of contemporary Spanish photography outside Spain. Co-operation with: SEACEX (State Corporation for Spanish Cultural Action Abroad), Kulturhuset, Stockholm and Embassy of Spain.

Nuevas Historias
Naia del Castillo
The Two Sisters, 2005, luxachrome photo, 125 x 100 cm
Galería Dels Angels, Barcelona, 2006
© Naia del Castillo
Nuevas Historias
Esquinas, 2003, c-prints, 26 pieces, each 48 x 28 cm © Ignasi Aballí
Nuevas Historias
ONCE UPON A TIME…, 2007, 35 BW-photographs, variable dimension © Sergio Belinchón