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Exhibitions at Odense Foto Triennale 2003

The Funen Festival of Photography.

Günther Beckers » Juris Bergins » Kyungwoo Chun » Joakim Eskildsen » Werther Germondari » Yoshio Itagaki » Lisa Klapstock » Marius Mikkelsen » Boaz Tal » Annet van der Voort »

Exhibition: 1 Oct – 30 Oct 2003

Museet for Fotokunst . Brandts Klaedefabrik

Brandts Passage 37 & 43
DK-5000 Odense


Brandts Torv 1 / Jernbanegade 13
5000 Odense

+45-65 20 70 00


Wed-Sun 10-17

Theme: Group View The Odense Foto Triennale had its successful premiere in August three years ago. Now Museet for Fotokunst is launching the second triennial under the wider heading ODENSE FOTO TRIENNALE.The Funen Festival of Photography. The opening ceremony takes place on 1st October 2003 at 3 p.m. The festival consists of 25 exhibitions, distributed over 15 venues in a diversified pattern in the city of Odense as well as the coastal towns of Funen, where the openings will be held successively within the first 4-5 days. In parallel wilth this, on 2nd-5th October, The Meeting Place will be held and the public will be invited to thematic lectures. Group View A democratic society bases its continued existence on regular self-examination. The idea behind the choice of the theme "Group View" is rather similar - an exploration of what remains of the community spirit in a superindividualistic age. All the exhibitions relate to "the group", but on the artists' own premises. The ideas expressed reflect the photographers' personal attitudes to the general human condition: no man is an island. But they also reflect cultural peculiarities with their origin in geographical, national and ethnic differences. Social psychology defines "the group" as two or more individuals who for a period deliberately interact verbally or non-verbally. The festival theme expands this definition with a wry smile, distances itself from the scientific approach and makes "the group" a matter for the photographer - for the visual artist. Welcome to a many-faceted art experience on Funen! Finn Thrane Festival Director