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HELSINKI SCHOOL - Photography and Video NOW
Nelli Palomäki: At twenty six #3, 2008
© Nelli Palomäki

HELSINKI SCHOOL - Photography and Video NOW

Joonas Ahlava » Pasi Autio » Carsten Benger » Wilma Hurskainen » Hannu Karjalainen » Kalle Kataila » Milja Laurila » Anni Leppälä » Noomi Ljungdell » Susanna Majuri » Nelli Palomäki » Mikko Sinervo » Ea Vasko » Niina Vatanen » Saana Wang » Dagmar Weiss » Pernilla Zetterman »

Exhibition: 24 Feb – 23 May 2010

Meilahti Art Museum . City Art Museum

Tamminiementie 6
00099 Helsinki

+358 9-31087031



HELSINKI SCHOOL - Photography and Video NOW
Anni Leppälä: Rooms: girl in a museum from the series Possibility of Constancy, 2007, © Anni Leppälä

The exhibition showcases internationally acclaimed photographers whose work is characterised by conceptualism and the Northern dimension. This is the first joint exhibition in Finland by the new generation of artists from the Helsinki School of photography. 'Helsinki School' is the moniker for a group of artists who are all current or former students or teachers of photography at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. The Helsinki School is not defined by nationality, geography or artistic style; its common denominator is an attitude towards photography that respects creativity, is distinctive and has its finger on the pulse of the times. The opening of the exhibition will be hold on Tuesday, 23 February 2010, from 6 - 8 pm. Welcoming addresses will be given by Janne Gallen-Kallela-Sirén, the Director of the Museum and Timothy Persons, the Curator of the Exhibition. The Exhibition will be opened by Leif Jakobsson, Chairperson of the Arts Council of Finland.