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Fair: 12 May – 16 May 2010

Palacio de los Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid

Avenida Felipe II S/N
28009 Madrid


c/ San Joaquín 12. 3º D

+34 91-3697537


Bruce Wrighton, Downtown Man #3, Binghamton, NY, 1987
Cortesía de Laurence Miller, New York

MADRIDFOTO 2010 PALACIO DE DEPORTES DE LA COMUNIDAD DE MADRID MAY 12th - 16th 2010 The second MADRIDFOTO, the only fair in Spain or Portugal specialised exclusively in photography and audiovisual art, is presenting a number of new introductions for its latest edition in which it is playing host to sixty exhibitors targeting new photography collectors. The new more central location and a whole series of awards and prizes for the artists represented by the galleries in this architect-designed space make MADRIDFOTO a must visit event for players in the contemporary art world. This year the Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid is hosting around sixty stands making up the fair. With a total area of 4000 m, the architect Andrés Jaque has conceived a unique parcours for MADRIDFOTO, lending special attention to the functionality of the space, ensuring that it is easy to negotiate and dotted with areas for taking a rest, socialising and exchanging opinions. The resounding success of the first edition of MADRIDFOTO coupled with its new location in the city centre of Madrid endorse its founding mandate: “to respond to the demand for a market specialized in photography and to act as a driving engine for cultural activity, leisure and business.” MADRIDFOTO has a selection committee comprising experts in the contemporary art market, vouchsafing the quality of the galleries and publishers at MADRIDFOTO 2010: Efrain Bernal, director of La Fábrica gallery; Lorena Martínez de Corral, curator and co-director of Expo Actual; Nicholas Metivier, director of the gallery bearing his name, specialized in photography from Toronto; Rosa Olivares, editor of the art monthly EXIT EXPRESS and exhibition curator; Giulietta Speranza, the fair’s art director and Carlos Urroz, an expert in the implementation, organisation and communication of cultural and art projects. The list of galleries taking part at MADRIDFOTO will be made public on April 1st 2010. The application form and conditions for participation are available on the fair’s webpage. This year sees a noticeable increase in incentives and awards targeting artists and galleries: the new Comunidad de Madrid-MADRIDFOTO Prize is now added to the awards already seen in 2009, namely: Acciona-MADRIDFOTO Photography Award for Sustainability and the acquisition prize from Art Fairs S.L., the organizers of the fair. Another new introduction is the new look catalogue: conceived as a kind of yearbook of photographers in which each gallery nominates two photographers who are given individual entries in alphabetical order with two images each and a brief curriculum. Since it was set up MADRIDFOTO has received the full support and backing of many public bodies and private companies. The Ministry of Culture, the government of the Region of Madrid and the City Council of Madrid (the project sponsors) plus companies from the private sector like Saab and Room Mate, as well as collaborating media. Artistic Direction: Giulietta Speranza Giulietta Speranza, the fair’s artistic director, chairs the selection committee. Speranza is a freelance curator, deputy art director for PHotoEspaña in 2005 and 2006 and a regular collaborator with MNCARS (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía) for six years. Since 2000, she is a member of the DOMÉSTICO collective.

Adriana Duque, Emilia, Serie: Infantes, 2010. Cortesía de Galería Horrach Moyá
Jens Lüstraeten "SUV", 2009 Pigment print, framed. 50 x 35cm. Cortesía Loris Gallery, Berlin