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Self Talking: New Works by Young Photographers

YI De´er » WENG Fen » ZHU Handong » SUN Hongbin » ZHEN Hongsheng » ZHU Jiangbo » WANG Jin » YAN Jun » YANG Qiang » WANG Xinyi » BAI Yiluo » YANG Yong » JIANG Zhi »

Exhibition: 19 Oct – 5 Nov 2002

100102 Beijing

CAAW China Art Archives & Warehouse

100 Caochangdi (CAAW) Chaoyang District
100102 Beijing



About “Self Talking”   The artistic coterie selected by Wu Hong for this new photographic happening clearly aims to conciliate the two principal stylistic trends which have up to now been developing within the modern and contemporary chinese agenda, insofar giving voice to a collective of 13 on average young artists which however plugging in the creative stream contextualized out of the present social politics, tend to keep the distance from the general phenomenon of the so called "conceptual art", while moving along the path of a third modus vivendi. These works appear like visual replacements of the artist's interior world that they give substance to in everyday life, on the base of those coordinates which trace personal as well as individual life experiences. Through the camera lens the ordering priorities which give shape to the ideal concept of their routine elaborate an interpretation of existence in itself. Photography becomes an authentic and moreover evocative stimulus to meditation, it immobilizes reality's scraps densely imbued with significance, such as in the spontaneous group images by Zhong Hongshen and in the genuineness of the glances which Sun Hongbing hunts around himself and in the environment where he lives. The fabric of the city turns out to be a confused and yet blurred system whereas it disintegrates and homologates all the details which make it up: in this sense Weng Fengyi and Yi De'er make use of the same vouyeristic layout (the first by means of a magnifying lens, the second by little mirrors)in order to survey all the smallest fractions of everyday reality.