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Photomeetings Luxembourg 2009
Matteo Basilé, Giovanna, anno 853, 2007

Photomeetings Luxembourg 2009

Roman Bezjak » Peter Bialobrzeski » Michel Medinger » Roman Pfeffer » Ian Rutherford » Abel Szalontai » Simon Welch »

Exhibition: – 12 Sep 2009

Photomeetings Luxembourg

1341 Luxembourg



Photomeetings Luxembourg 2009
Marla Rutherford, Candy Cane, 2007

Photomeetings Luxembourg 2009 workshops - lectures - exhibitions After four years, Luxembourg's Photo Festival has established itself in the heart of Europe as both an attractive and respected meeting platform for photographers, photo-artists, photo-theoreticians and of course photo-amateurs from around the globe. With their exciting themes, the Photomeetings Luxembourg are right in the center of contemporary discourse. The 5th edition of the festival focuses on the theme "Taboo". Between 9 –12 September 2009, internationally renowned photographers, photo-artists and lecturers highlight and discuss the significance of taboos today, in workshops and exhibitions. As in previous years, experts will once again lecture during the symposium. All events are aimed equally at professional photographers, photography specialists, and students, as well as at interested amateurs and all photography lovers. The following workshop-teachers and lecturers will be available: • Roman Bezjak, Photographer, Prof. of documentary photography at the Fachhochschule Bielefeld • Peter Bialobrzeski, Photographer, Prof. at the Hochschule für Künste Bremen • Christian Caujolle, Curator • Klaus Honnef, Curator and Publicist • Roman Pfeffer, Conceptual artist, Prof. at the Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien • Michel Medinger, Photographer • Marla Rutherford, Photographer • Abel Szalontai, Photographer, Assistant Professor of Photography at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest • Simon Welch, Video artist, Prof. of Video & Cinema at Université de Strasbourg A 'Taboo topic' relates to an issue that is not or only restrictedly discussed in public. It often relates to areas that touch sore spots within our culture. Even though many talk of a 'society without taboo' in western civilisation today, we still, as in every society, have many issues that can be considered as taboo. These particularly relate to a certain physicality - violence, sexuality, body, illness, age, death and religion for example. Without a reflection on and recognition of these taboo topics, it is not possible to overcome such boundaries and reach the subsequent sense of introspection. Europe learning together: Eight universities and colleges from five European countries take part in Photomeetings Luxembourg 2009 As a European cross-country project, 2009 will see 50 students from the photography, video and media departments of these colleges, artistically questioning and interpreting taboos in Europe. Photography enthusiasts are welcome to participate in the workshops and lectures of their choice. Please check our website www.photomeetings.lu

Photomeetings Luxembourg 2009
Peter Bialobrzeski, Paradise Now #19, 2009