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Marks of Honour - A Striking Library

Marks of Honour - A Striking Library

Harvey Benge » Chris Coekin » Peter Granser » Pieter Hugo » Tiina Itkonen » Jens Liebchen » Michael Light » Koji Onaka » Mark Power » Matthew Sleeth » Alec Soth » Jules Spinatsch » Raimond Wouda »

Exhibition: 17 Jul – 22 Aug 2009

Kaune, Sudendorf

Albertusstr. 26 / Zeughausstr. 13
50667 Köln

Kaune Contemporary

Gereonskloster 12 (Kapelle)
50670 Köln

+49 (0)221-278 578 14


Tue, Wed 10-15; Thu,Fri 10-18; Sat 12-17

Marks of Honour - A Striking Library
Pieter Hugo honours Roland Barthes
"Camera Lucida" and box with four c-prints inside a coffin with velvet inlay.

Marks of Honour - A Striking Library Marks of Honour is a photo book project and exhibition organised and curated by Nina Poppe and Verena Loewenhaupt. MoH was conceived in order to reveal the inspiration that a new generation of photographers have gained from the history of photography in the form of books. 13 international photographers were invited to pay artistic tribute to a publication that has been influential to their own work. All participating works are limited to three copies, each containing the original photo book and its accompanying homage. The exhibiton MoH/08 displays the variety of inspirational sources and their tributes through a combination of different media. Marks of Honour is an ongoing project that aims to create a striking library of contemporary photo books. Catalog: books@marksofhonour.com and Schaden.com www.marksofhonour.com Harvey Benge William Eggleston Chris Coekin Duncker/Tuunanen Peter Granser Robert Frank Pieter Hugo Roland Barthes Tiina Itkonen Pentti Sammallahti Onaka Koji Daido Moriyama Jens Liebchen Anthony Hernandez Michael Light Ansel Adams Mark Power Stephen Shore Matthew Sleeth Lars Tunbjörk Alec Soth Andrea Modica Jules Spinatsch Block 2008 Raimond Wouda Paul Shambroom

Marks of Honour - A Striking Library
Harvey Benge honours William Eggleston
Eggleston's Guide and artist book of sixteen pages with text and five c-prints in a slipcase.
Marks of Honour - A Striking Library
Chris Coekin honours Hendrick Duncker & Yrjö Tuunanen
"Hay on the Highway" and four c-prints plus one of the original hitch-hiking signs in a box with hay and farmer bag.