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Drawn by light
Mikko Sinervo
Afterimage # 17 (Gleam), 2009
C-print, Diasec
110 x 110 cm
Edition of 5

Drawn by light

Mikko Sinervo » Ea Vasko »

Exhibition: – 29 Aug 2009

Gallery TaiK

Bergstr. 22
10115 Berlin

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10969 Berlin

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Drawn by light
Ea Vasko
City / Disorder VI, from series Defining Darkness, 2007
Digital c-print (Lambda)
120 x 150 cm
Edition of 5

"The photographig emulsion, plate or paper - is an unknown quantity, whereupon one can note with light, as the painter can with his implements." (L. Moholy-Nagy, 1928). The pioneer of the abstract colour-photograms had been already occupied by the same questions, which also distinguish the works of Mikko Sinervo and Ea Vasko: Light, colour and space. DIffenrent to Moholy-Nagy, these artists approache from the representational, transferring it into a borderland to abstraction.