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Rodney Smith »

Exhibition: 18 Jul – 5 Sep 2003

Center for Photographic Art

San Carlos & 9th Streets
CA 93921 Carmel



Tues-Sun 13-17

New York based photographer Rodney Smith will open in the Center Gallery on July 18th. This exhibition will consist of pristine images from several of his intriguing series selected by the Center Curator, Dennis High. Smith creates complex narrative images set in an era of majestic eloquence of people and place. During his early studies at Yale University, he was mentored by master photographer, Walker Evans. In the years following he developed a distinctive style that drew an ever-growing audience both in artistic and commercial photographic venues. Rodney is unusual in the sense that he is one of a handful of photographers whose work is widely known in the commercial world and then successfully crosses over into a solid career in fine art. Perhaps this has happened for him because he only sees with a creative eye, that just happens to be sought after by commercial usage. These are beautiful silver prints hand crafted by the artist; it is a collection we are sure you will want to experience.