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HAN Lei: "Four Chinese Boys (2007) Lambda C-Print, 85cm x 120cm. Edition of 10. © HAN Lei. Courtesy of m97 Gallery.


CHEN Chunlin » James Whitlow Delano » Greg Girard » MENG Jin » Nadav Kander » HAN Lei » MENG Jin + FANG Er » ZHENG Nong » Robert van der Hilst » LIANG Weizhou » Michael Wolf » JIANG Zhi »

Exhibition: 21 Feb – 3 Apr 2009

M97 Gallery

363 Changping Road, Building 4
200041 Shanghai



Tue-Fri 11-18; Sat, Sun 12-18

HAN Lei: "Luochuan, Shanbei, Shanxi Province" (1989) C-Print, 126cm x 150cm. Edition of 6. © HAN Lei. Courtesy of m97 Gallery.

m97 Gallery Shanghai is pleased to present "Parallax", a group exhibition of photographic works by m97 Gallery artists Chen Chunlin, James W. Delano, Fang Er, Greg Girard, Han Lei, Robert van der Hilst, Jiang Zhi, Nadav Kander, Liang Weizhou, Meng Jin, Michael Wolf, and Zheng Nong. Parallax is the effect whereby the distance between two objects appears to shift when viewed from different vantage points and can help determine an otherwise unknown distance. Following on this concept, the "Parallax" exhibition places together two or more works by each artist from different times in their career. Creating an imaginary sense of distance by juxtaposing photographs of different size, subject matter, and year of creation presents an opportunity for the viewer to see how the artist's focus and technique has developed creatively or conceptually and how the style of their work has changed or remained consistent. By bringing together photographs from different bodies of work by each artist from different stages in their career, "Parallax" highlights the evolution of each artist's style and subject matter or focus, creating a sense of context and contrast as well as taking into consideration the element of time throughout the artist's overall creative development, thus helping to enrich our perception and understanding of the artist's progression and greater body of work as a whole.

ZHENG Nong: "Walking Bystander: Hunjiang River" (1995) Gelatin Silver Print, 32cm x 50cm, Edition of 7. © ZHENG Nong. Courtesy of m97 Gallery.
ZHENG Nong: "Chemical Landscape #143" (2006-2007) Lambda C-Print, 120cm x 85cm, Edition of 12. © ZHENG Nong. Courtesy of m97 Gallery.