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OUTLOOK . International Art Exhibition Athens 2003
Yang Fudong . Seven intellectuals in the bamboo forest, 2003 Film Still

OUTLOOK . International Art Exhibition Athens 2003

Eija-Liisa Ahtila » Francis Alÿs » Gustavo Artigas » Bigert & Bergström » Marjoleine Boonstra » David Claerbout » Gregory Crewdson » Thomas Demand » Philip-Lorca diCorcia » Günther Förg » YANG Fudong » Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster » Rodney Graham » Gary Hill » Pierre Huyghe » Christian Jankowski » William Kentridge » Panos Kokkinias » DeAnna Maganias » Nikos Markou » Hiroyuki Masuyama » Aernout Mik » Zwelethu Mthethwa » Christopher Muller » Bruce Nauman » Jennifer Pastor » Hirsch Perlman » Ed Ruscha » Shirana Shahbazi » Beat Streuli » Wolfgang Tillmans » Jeff Wall » Gillian Wearing »

Exhibition: – 25 Jan 2004

Arena - Society for the Advancement of Contemporary Art in Athens

12 Marni Street
10433 Athína

+30 210-8259620


OUTLOOK . International Art Exhibition Athens 2003
Nikos Markou . Untitled, 2003

OUTLOOK International Art Exhibition aims to break new ground within the established context of contemporary art, revealing the contradictions inherent in our consciousness and the latent concerns of our time. The exhibition also deve-lops a sense of continuity by taking a new look at some key artistic figures from previous generations. OUTLOOK will be a major public forum for the exploration of artistic fervour and alternative cultural forms at the outset of the 21st Century. OUTLOOK: Strong Images. In contrast to some other exhibitions of recent years OUTLOOK focuses on works of art with strong imagery that stand out even in an image-saturated society. Not restricted to any single “theme” or predominant “theory” the exhibition will instead expose several, sometimes conflicting, artistic currents. OUTLOOK: Critical View Points. Urban phenomena, rapid developments in the entertainment industry, the mass media and the dissolving boundaries between public and private space determine the frenetic changes in society. These will be reflected in the exhibition. OUTLOOK: Emerging Peripheries. Contemporary art is no longer the sole domaine of Western metropolitan centers. The infor-mation society has altered the hierarchies of artistic production. The peripheries are gaining ground. These changes will be evident in the exhibition. OUTLOOK: The Athens Effect. The exhibition is inextricably linked to the city of Athens – a city which is not just a hyper-archaeological space or tourism’s stereotyped ideal but a vibrant and amorphous network of interrelated forces.The city’s idiosyncracies, its bizarreness, its deficiencies render it an ideal location for presenting the ambiguities inherent in the art of today. Artistic Director: Christos M. Joachimide

OUTLOOK . International Art Exhibition Athens 2003
DeAnna Maganias . The Ape House, 2003 Video Installation (Still)
OUTLOOK . International Art Exhibition Athens 2003
Eija-Liisa Ahtila . The House, 2002, 14 min DVD installation for 3 projections with sound