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Chalo! India: A New Era of Indian Art
Pushpamala N.
Lakshmi (from "Native Types" series)
C print on metallic paper
61 x 50.8cm
Courtesy: Nature Morte, New Delhi
Photo: Clare Arni

Chalo! India: A New Era of Indian Art

Shilpa Gupta » Subodh Gupta » Bharti Kher » Pushpamala N. » Justin Ponmany » Raqs Media Collective » Kiran Subbaiah » Vivan Sundaram »

Exhibition: – 15 Mar 2009

Mori Art Museum

6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku
106-6150 Tokyo



Sun-Thu 10-22 . Fri, Sat 10-24

Chalo! India: A New Era of Indian Art
Shilpa Gupta
Interactive Video Installation

"Chalo" is Hindi for "Let's go." With the words "Chalo! India" (Let's go! India), we invite you to discover an explosion of creativity and vitality in Indian contemporary art. "Chalo! India" will take you on a journey through more than 100 works by 27 artists and artist groups from all over India. Encompassing a broad range of media, including painting, sculpture, photography and installation, this exhibition examines the latest movements in Indian contemporary art. Following independence from Britain in 1947, Indian artists began exploring new forms of artistic expressions—drawing inspiration and ideas from Western modernism, and India's own distinctive culture. Over the next 60 years, new types of work that powerfully embodied political and social critiques emerged. More recently, Indian artists have been making works that respond to urbanization and changing contemporary lifestyles—art that reflects the rapid economic development, and globalization that has taken hold since the 1990s. Today the lively Indian art scene is spreading its wings both at home and abroad, and has been attracting a great deal of international attention. "Chalo! India" is a significant survey of new Indian art, including a sociological research project involving architects and intellectuals, and state of the art interactive media work—as befits an IT giant such as India. Most people see India in terms of its rich and influential history, its Gods and devotion, Bollywood movies, or its awakening as an economic giant. However, there is so much more to the complex and dynamic India of today. "Chalo! India" explores and celebrates the depth of this country; the contradictions of its society, the dreams and hopes of its people, and its energy and passion toward the future.

Chalo! India: A New Era of Indian Art
Anant Joshi
Navel One and the Many
Multi-media Installation
Courtesy: Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai