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Power to the People
Jacques Charlier
G.I. Jack
2008 | C-print on aluminium | 110 x 110 cm | 43.3 x 43.3 inches

Power to the People

Jacques Charlier » Sterenn Denys » Douglas Gordon » Karine Marenne » & others

Exhibition: – 17 Jan 2009

AEROPLASTICS contemporary

32, rue Blanche
1060 Brussels

AEROPLASTICS contemporary

rue Vanderkindere str 207
1180 Brussels



Power to the People
Karine Marenne
Le Nouvel Humanisme #02
2008 | C-print on aluminium | Ed. of 3
50 x 70 cm | 19.7 x 27.6 inches

POWER TO THE PEOPLE An exhibition with a deliberately ambiguous title (given the double-sense of "people" as celebrities [People Magazine, etc.] or the general mass, "Power To The People" is a response to thinking about the complex relationships that now exist between artists and the powers-that-be. Whether political, institutional, financial, the world of galleries, collectors, auction houses... so many spheres that in one way or another potentially come to influence the creative process. Each spawns its own codes that the artist may choose to adopt, ignore, transgress. This form of independent-arbiter might well serve as metaphor for a natural desire on the part of individuals (and not only artists) to determine their own destiny. And to the extent that this exhibition brings together French-speaking and Flemish Belgians, as well as artists from further afield, it also in a way proposes a re-examination of the debate on this country's future, a debate within which culture plays an essential role.

Power to the People
Steven Brouns
2008 | C-print | 130 x 175 cm | 51.2 x 68.9 inches
Power to the People
Douglas Gordon
Predictable incident in unfamiliar surroundings
1995 | Video projection | Ed. of 5
special thanks to Anton Weller / Isabelle Suret, Paris