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Nuevas Historias
Pierre Gonnord, Maria, 2006, c-print, 165 x 125 cm © Pierre Gonnord

Nuevas Historias

A new View of Spanish Photography and Video Art

Ignasi Aballí » Eugenio Ampudia » Juan Pablo Ballester » Sergio Belinchón » Jordi Bernadó » Isidro Blasco » Bleda & Rosa » Cabello & Carceller » Carmen Calvo » Daniel Canogar » Jordi Colomer » Naia del Castillo » Joan Fontcuberta » Alicia Framis » Germán Gómez » Pierre Gonnord » Dionisio González » Cristina Lucas » Chema Madoz » Anna Malagrida » Ángel Marcos » Alicia Martín » Mireya Masó » José María Mellado » Rosell Messeguer » Aitor Ortiz » Gonzalo Puch » Rubén Ramos Balsa » Montserrat Soto » Javier Vallhonrat » Valentin Vallhonrat »

Exhibition: 3 Oct 2008 – 25 Jan 2009


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Nuevas Historias
Jordi Colomer, Anarchitekton Brasilia, 2003, 70 x 110 cm, lambda print/dibond © Jordi Colomer

Nuevas Historias - a new view of Spanish Photography The exhibition "Nuevas Historias - a new view of Spanish Contemporary Photography" includes works by more than 28 Spanish artists with the aim to put the spotlight on an area of contemporary photography that is still largely unknown to many people but deserves all attention. The exhibition is the most extensive presentation of contemporary Spanish photography outside Spain. Photography made a relatively late entry on the Spanish art scene. However, the situation has changed rapidly and today one is struck by the innovative and intense expression of contemporary Spanish photography, which reflects the radical development that has taken place in Spain. In just a few decades, a somewhat closed society has been transformed into a multifaceted country in which contemporary culture enjoys a strong position. Spanish photography does not shy away from the personal expression. In the 1980s, Spain experienced large-scale political and social change. The sociocultural movement La Movida, with the film director Pedro Almodóvar as a front figure, released a wave of suppressed creativity and tested the boundaries of freedom. The explosive Spanish culture of the 1980s expressed itself in many ways, but a common thread was an interest in capturing the intellectual currents of the rest of Europe, while, at the same time, relating to one's own cultural heritage. The desire to come to terms with history may be a possible explanation for the powerful expression of photography in Spain. The participating artists in "Nuevas historias - a new view of Spanish photography" are joined by an interest in approaching notions such as cultural identity, heritage and history. The country's wide spectrum of regions, languages and cultural diversity is reflected in the multi-varied expressions and constitutes a point of departure for many of the works. Curators are Timothy Persons, creator of the Helsinki School, curatorial advisor to the director of Kiasma, Director of Professional Studies Program and Senior lecturer at the University of Art and Design Helsinki together with producer Estelle af Malmborg, curator at Kulturhuset, Stockholm. The exhibition will be accompanied by a book written by Timothy Persons and Bill Kouwenhoven, independent curator and photography critic of Berlin and New York, and published by German art book publisher, Hatje Cantz. There will also be an extensive website in relation to the exhibition and book project.

Nuevas Historias
Valentin Vallhonrat, Yungang Budah, from the series Vuelo de ángel, 2001, c-print/diasec, 111.5 x 132 cm © Valentin Vallhonrat
Nuevas Historias
Oca 1, 2007, Photography on Fuji Cristal Archiv, 111,5 x 299,2 cm © José Manuel Ballester
Nuevas Historias
© Isidro Blasco, La Cocina, 2007, c-print, museum board, wood, 51 x 40,5 x 13 cm