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The New Generation
Sofie van Dam (1983)

The New Generation

Beatrice Jansen » Sofie Knijff » Isabella Rozendaal » Sofie van Dam »

Exhibition: – 7 Sep 2008

HUP gallery

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Lindengracht 35
1015 KB Amsterdam

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Tue-Fri 13-17+

The New Generation
Beatrice Jansen (1980)

HUP WEEKEND UNTITLED 5, 6 en 7 september 2008 HUP Gallery presents 'The New Generation': four talented photographers; Sofie van Dam, Beatrice Jansen, Sofie Knijff en Isabella Rozendaal. HUP Gallery mostly shows work of established photographers. Many times we have been asked about the star of the future. That's why we decided to organise a weekend in which we show the work of four very talented photographers. This weekend is the perfect chance to buy the work of the future stars, photographers that are at the beginning of a very promising career. The first buyers are stimulated with a discount of 10%. Besides that we offer special, very affordable editions. On Saturday and Sunday there will be a bookstore with photo books of 'young' photographers, a portfolio review and a workshop for children. Opening: Friday 5th from 17.30 till 22.00 hours with dj. sponsored by IKI beers and Bionade. Saturday: 12.00-18.00 Sunday: 12.00-18.00 About the photographers: Sofie van Dam (1983) Imagine and fantasize. That is what you are compelled to do on seeing her work. For Sofie van Dam (1983, Bruchem) photography is not only about registering what you do and see, but also what you don't. It's about contemplating content and composition to ultimately bring your own thoughts into being in the photograph. Seen or not seen (as the case may be), she always attempts to conjure up a thrilling image that calls on the imagination of the viewer. Sofie graduated last year from Royal School of Arts in den Haag. In 2007 and 2008 she won several prizes in different categories of the Dutch Photo Academy Award. Beatrice Jansen (1980) In her series An illusion of the cityperson Beatrice Jansen shows the desire of citypeople to compensate the loss of the disappearing nature. An artificial nature replaces real nature more and more: a radio tower that looks like a tree and a forest printed on wallpaper that covers the walls of a room. This way nature changes into a consumption need of the people, says Beatrice. People decide when, where and how to use 'nature'. Beatrice graduated only recently at the Royal School of Arts in Den Haag. Nevertheless her work carries a distinct signature in which her background as a movie property man becomes clear. Beatrice as been asked to show her work at different exhibitions. Sofie Knijff (1972) Sofie Knijff is inspired by stories that touch the unreal. Her theatrical background is still visible in the way she focuses on details from reality or the way she creates her own reality. She is the director of her own images. For her series Assenois she visited her family in the Belgian Ardennes, a landscape that inspires her endlessly and where time seems to stand still. Fascinated by the tradition, she photographed her family during the annual haunting season. In 2007 Sofie van Dam graduated from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam, the same year in which she won the Dutch Photo Academy Award 2007 (category Volkskrant Magazine en THEY). Isabella Rozendaal (1983) For Isabella Rozendaal photography is an expression of a child-like curiosity, led by her fascination for people. In her first book On loving animals, about the Dutch animal lover, she tried to capture all that the Dutch do to and with their animals out of love. She gives a complete picture of both the sweet and gloomy side. The book which contains hilarious, moving and confronting photography, was received very well. At the moment Isabella is working on her second book, The Festival feeling, a document on the festival culture in The Netherlands and Belgium which will be publishes at the end of May 2009. Isabella graduated from the Royal School of Arts in Den Haag and has been nominated for different prizes ever since.

The New Generation
Sofie Knijff (1972)
The New Generation
Isabella Rozendaal (1983)