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Refusal Of Reality
Katrin Amft - Qualle, 2007.

Refusal Of Reality

Subjective Positions In Contemporary Photography

Katrin Amft » Marc Grümmert » Tim Kellner » Thanh Long » Knut Wolfgang Maron » Janet Riedel » Heidi Schneekloth » Michael Strauss » Janet Zeugner »

Exhibition: – 4 Oct 2008

Sydney College of the Arts

Balmain Road Rozelle
NSW Sydney

+61 2-93511008


Tue-Fri 11-17 . Sat 11-16

Refusal Of Reality
Marc Grümmert - Urlaub in Saig, 2008.

Within this exhibition series and the corresponding catalogue nine photographers develop a contemporary discourse about their media. Since 2005 several group exhibitions and linked solo shows throughout germany and abroad refer to a dynamic and vivid photography art scene. The project creates a bridge from the beginnings of radical positions in the context of european contemporary art in the 1920s, via the attitudes of the issue of "subjective photography" in the 1950s, to today. This ensuing discussion is part of the current european discourse surrounding the photographic medium – it opposes the documentary and realistic representation with a more metaphorical, visionary, poetic and subjective approach to contemporary photography. Located in close relation to the basic idea of "subjective photography", the work itself both enriches and extends this original concept by technical innovations, such as colour and digital technology, and thus broadens the fusion of different concepts of both painting and photography. The programmatic point of view – represented by a multiplicity of individual artists – was always present. As their significance increasingly comes to light their work is destined to affect a paradigm change within the discourse of contemporary photography. Contrary to the conceptional approach of involving every artist to the curatorship this time the exhibition is curated solely by Tim Kellner who will be accompany the show as Artist in Residence at the Sydney College of the Arts. supported by Goetheinstitut Australien www.goethe.de/ins/au/lp/deindex.htm and EXHIBITION ENTERPRISE Interdisciplinary Network www.exhibition-enterprise.net

Refusal Of Reality
Knut Wolfgang Maron - Eis, 2006.
Refusal Of Reality
Tim Kellner - Christof, 2008.