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Sound Affects
Christian Patterson, Sound Affects :Memphis, TN, May 2004

Christian Patterson »

Sound Affects

Exhibition: 19 Apr – 6 Jun 2008

Kaune, Sudendorf

Albertusstr. 26
50667 Köln

Kaune Contemporary

Gereonskloster 12 (Kapelle)
50670 Köln

+49 (0)221-278 578 14


Tue, Wed 10-15; Thu,Fri 10-18; Sat 12-17

Sound Affects
Christian Patterson

Sound Affects is a collection of color photographs that explore Memphis, Tennessee as a visual and musical place. It captures musical locations, music's presence and influence, and the musicality of everyday life. Memphis has a rich musical history and colorful visual character. It is the 'Birthplace of Rock 'n Roll' and the 'Home of the Blues'. It is a place where legend, myth and memory evoke a faded past. It is an old jukebox, glowing in the corner of a dark bar, playing a scratched record through blown speakers. The music reverberates beyond place and time—altering perceptions, amplifying emotions. The photographs in Sound Affects are light-borne visual melodies—musical arrangements of color, light, rhythm and form. These moments, like music, are emotionally compelling but ultimately fleeting unless they are recorded on tape or captured on film. CHRISTIAN PATTERSON, *1972, NEW YORK Born 1972 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Lives in Brooklyn, New York SINGLE EXHIBITION ( SELECTION ) 2008 Sound Affects, Kaune-Sudendorf, Cologne, Germany 2007 Sound Affects, Robert Koch, San Francisco, CA 2006 Sound Affects, Yancey Richardson, New York, NY 2005 Sound Affects, Power House, Memphis, TN 2003 Another Time, Another Place, and You, Southside, Oxford, MS SELECTED COLLECTIONS Bruce and Nancy Berman Photography Collection, LA, CA Dow Jones, New York, NY Daniel Greenberg and Susan Steinhauser Collection, LA, CA New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA GROUP EXHIBITION ( SELECTION ) 2008 NOISE: Young American Photographers, Copenhagen, DK NOISE: Young American Photographers, Dubai City, Dubai 2007 Tiny Vices, La Esquina Gallery, Kansas City, MO NOISE: Young American Photographers, Berlin, Germany The Interactive Landscape, Mt. Tremper Arts, Mt. Tremper, NY Easy Rider: Road Trips Through America, New York, NY Tiny Vices, Proyectos Monclova, Mexico City, Mexico NOISE: Young American Photographers, TH Inside, Milan, Italy I Turn My Camera On, Milk Gallery, New York, NY The Stable, OkOk Gallery, Seattle, WA Tiny Vices, Colette, Paris, France J&L Books, Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta, GA 2006 Tiny Vices, Studio Bee, Tokyo, Japan Tiny Vices, UW-Oshkosh, Oshkosh, WI To Hell with Dixie, Groeflin-Maag, Basel, Switzerland Storefront Stories, Yancey Richardson, New York, NY Spencer Brownstone Gallery: The Armory Show, New York, NY Tiny Vices, Spencer Brownstone, New York, NY Lantana Projects, Glasshouse 383, Memphis, TN Palm Beach 3 Contemporary, West Palm Beach, FL

Sound Affects
Christian Patterson
Memphis, TN, July 2003 (Skateland)
Sound Affects
Christian Patterson
Memphis, TN, February 2005 (Lamplighter juke)