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A la folie I

Calmen + Bech »

Exhibition: – 31 May 2008

HackelBury Fine Art Limited

4 Launceston Place
W8 5RL London

+44 (0)20-79378688


Tue-Sat 10-17

Nenuphars IV

Working in collaboration to create captivating and mysterious landscapes, French artists Calmen & Bech consciously retain a sense of anonymity. In their alluring and atmospheric artworks an acknowledgement of time and place is not significant. Instead we are suspended in timeless space: the familiar transcends the everyday and the viewer is introduced to what they describe as 'the ends of our world.' Firmly grounded in the strength and beauty of nature itself, the photographs of Calmen & Bech recall the Romantic era and the origins of the photographic medium. They revive artistic values first embraced by masters of nineteenth century photography such as Gustave le Gray, and later by the Pictorialists. The silvered waters of a lily pond, the twisted roots of the oak tree, and the lush grasses of a fog-swept field encourage us to reconsider our relationship to the natural world. Though influenced by history and tradition, the work of Calmen & Bech offers a unique and contemporary point of view. Creating multiple panels that fragment the landscape, the artists weave texture and form in a way that appears almost cinematic. Shown in sequence, the photographs suggest the narrative for a story never fully told; the conclusion found only in the eye of the beholder. Their international debut at New York's AIPAD Photography show was a resounding success with both private collectors and museum curators. The exhibition at HackelBury London runs from 25 April - 31 May 2008.