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Covered - album covers from the 1960's

Michael Cooper » Gered Mankowitz » David Montgomery » Jerry Schatzberg » Bob Seidemann »

Exhibition: – 29 Aug 2003


W1F 8QA London

+44 (0)20-74398585


‘Covered’, a stunning collection of original iconic album covers from the 1960’s, explores the world of rock 'n' roll, blurring the boundaries between music and visual art. Whilst capturing the spirit of the 60’ cultural history, these evocative images deliver as much delight and information as the music and artists they interpret. As far as music/ rock’n'roll exhibitions go, this is probably one of the most important to take place in London for a long time. Some of the images have never been exhibited before in England, and it will certainly be the first time they have appeared together in one exhibition. This collection includes album photography by: Gered Mankowitz (Hendrix and the Stones), David Montgomery (Electric Ladyland), Michael Joseph (Beggars Banquet), Iain Macmillan (Abbey Road outtakes) , David Wedgebury ( The Who album covers), Terry O'Neill, Ethan Russell (Stones, Who), Jerry Schatzberg (Stones, Dylan, Zappa), Elliott Landy (Dylan), Jurgen Vollmer (Lennon ’61, Cover of his solo LP 1975), Bob Seidemann (Blind Faith) and Bruce Fleming’s ‘Are You Experienced’ LP cover, amongst others.