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New Works
Mariana Vassileva
Toro, 2008, Video, PAL, 5 min

Mariana Vassileva »

New Works

Exhibition: – 25 May 2008


Auguststr. 20
10117 Berlin

Galerie DNA

Auguststr. 20
10117 Berlin

+49 (0)30-28599652


Tue-Sat 11-18

In her recent exhibition at DNA, Mariana Vassileva again works with the material of the mirror within in the media of drawing, sculpture and video.

Mariana Vassileva is interested in the material's intrinsic qualities of both its fragileness and its durability when used as a tool for drawing (in which it completely differs from brush or pencil) and it is also synaesthetically related to the process of its employment.

The specific character of this material, which influences the perception of the viewer, has a decisive importance for Vassileva. The artist herself put it this way: When standing in front of a mirror piece, you cannot see it because it is so close, but you experience the reflection as if communicating with the figure – when stepping back, however, you can realise the piece in its entirety.

By arranging mirror fragments next to the feet of the sculpture "Treasure is everywhere", the artist refers to the challenges of every life's formation, and also in her video "Toro" (PAL, 5 min) you see a human being confronting them: He fights against the waves of the sea – at times daringly in the face of the power of heaven and sea – at times wearily, rather stepping back than rushing forward.