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Nobuyoshi Araki »


Exhibition: 1 May – 8 Jun 2003

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography


The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Yebisu Garden Pl. 1-13-3 Mita Meguro-ku
153-0062 Tokyo



Tue-Sun 10-18; Thu, Fri -20

The next station of this travelling exhibition after Kyoto is Tokyo. As last year's "Hyakka Ranran" exhibition proved, the contrast between the flowers of Araki and those of Robert Mapplethorpe couldn't be sharper. Sun and shadow, light and darkness, hard and soft... Or one might even call it life and death. While Mapplethorpe creates perfectly composed pictures of bright, metallically shining flowers in full bloom, what Araki captures on film with seeming nonchalance are withered or mouldered plants. On display at this exhibition is wide selection of such photographs. Next to large-sized prints and lots of polaroids, Araki also introduces the results of his first painting efforts. Those are kind of hartwarming and strangely charming. OZ