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Four Easy Pieces
Protective Net -Jens Luestraeten- 2007 C-Print 24" x 42"

Four Easy Pieces

David Sanchez Burr » Jens Lüstraeten »

Exhibition: – 30 Jul 2007

UNLV Donna Beam Fine Arts Gallery

4505 S Maryland Pkwy
NV 89154 Las Vegas



Mon-Fri 9-17 + Sat 10-14

Four Easy Pieces
Problemlessness-2007- Video Loop-David Sanchez Burr

Las Vegas based artist David Sanchez Burr and Berlin based artist Jens Luestraeten approach different aspects of urban phenomena on levels of personal reflection and socio-political consequence. The decision to put together four video pieces, all of which are single channel, time based and minimal, is a gesture towards our over spun real-time society and it's challenges with short attention span, over stimulation and propensity towards instant gratification. Las Vegas, America's fastest growing city, is as well an urban area loaded with contradiction. Loaded with hype, dreams and glamour it uniquely places itself as the fast track version of an American dream. Theoretical interpretations of what Las Vegas is and what it will become are numerous ranging from gasps of disbelief from tourist worldwide to the locals still recuperating from the enormous growth. Being located in one of America's most hostile natural surroundings the efforts to maintain commodity and standards of living are becoming an increasing challenge. Basic needs such as water, shelter, and climate control have been key to the city's prosperity but also it's biggest problem. The city's asphalt and concrete now cover what was once a desert. The natural environment has now been forever changed. Our exhibition is representative of how we can benefit from having the patience to view changes both minimal and large to achieve a better understanding of the spaces we inhabit. David Sanchez Burr Born in Madrid Spain, David Sanchez Burr has spent the last decade working as an artist both in education and professional practice. His work has consistently been an entanglement between experimental music and the visual arts. The outcome of which is a series of collaborations and solo exhibitions that are interdisciplinary and interactive. He has exhibited his work nationally and internationally . He was Graduate Program Manager at the San Francisco Art Institute from 1999 through 2006 and now resides in Las Vegas as a Master of Fine Arts Candidate through grants from the School of Fine Arts and the School of Engineering at UNLV. David received his undergraduate degree at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Jens Luestraeten Jens Luestraeten, born in Krefeld, Germany. In 2004 he competed his Masters Degree at the Academy for Visual Arts in Leipzig, Germany. His work examines the grey area between photography and video often presenting itself as installation work. Jens mixes analytical as well as personal reflection in his approach to art making. Urban phenomena, media theory, and issues in contemporary art production are often addressed in his work. Jens Luestraeten is a visiting artist in Las Vegas through a post graduate grant by The DAAD in Bonn, Germany and is currently conducting research on work directly related to the city of Las Vegas. works of Jens Luestraeten have been exhibited nationally and internationally in cities like London, Barcelona,or Winthertur, Switzerland, and Milan, Italy. Jens Luestraten is represented by LORIS, Gallery for contemporary art, Berlin and Galleria Estro, Padova, Italy Donna Beam Gallery Visitor parking is available in metered green zones in the Artemus Ham Concert Hall parking garage off Cottage Grove Ave., in front of the Alta Ham Fine Arts Building off Maryland Pkwy., or in the Richard Tam Alumni Center parking lot at Maryland Pkwy. and Harmon Ave. Public parking is available in staff lots after 7pm weekdays and on weekends at no chrage.